Sanitary Jurisdiction of Tampico has vaccines available against influenza


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Although the Tampico population awaits the call of the federal government to be vaccinated against the coronavirus , Health Jurisdiction Number Two, asks not to forget to be immunized against influenza. The state agency still has a reserve of the biological for those who still do not attend.

© Provided by Milenio The influenza vaccine has had moments of shortage due to demand after the covid-19 pandemic. (Cuartoscuro)

So far 47 thousand 500 doses have been applied in Tampico and Madero since October last year, the month in which the influenza season began and the public showed great interest in inoculation.

The head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction Number Two , Héctor Pérez Monsiváis said that the response has been positive and that strategies such as Drive Thru managed to reach more people, as they felt safe taking the vaccine to their cars.

“This initiative allowed greater proximity with the population that perhaps was afraid to go to the health units , finally the goal was met, but there is still a reserve of biological for those who require it. People expect vaccination against the coronavirus, but they should not forget the influenza vaccination. "

It was clarified that whoever receives the influenza vaccine must wait at least one month for the injection against covid-19 to be given. They are not put on simultaneously.

Do not lower your guard

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So far only two cases of influenza have been registered in the Jurisdiction, while last year the sum was twelve , according to the Epidemiological Bulletin of the State Secretariat of Health .

Pérez Monsiváis, He said that this low statistic should not be trusted , so he reiterated that there is still a reserve of the vaccine for that pending population, especially pregnant women and minors.

"The increase in consultations is little and it is because the population is aware that it must protect itself to prevent this type of disease, people are more aware since the covid appeared."

Finally, he asked the population to continue taking into account the sanitary protocols of healthy distance, use of face masks and constant hand washing


Source: MSN