Second day of vaccination in San Nicolas continues in order


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Although with a slight bottleneck on Manuel L. Barragán avenue due to logistics in the University Stadium module, the second day of the anticovid-19 vaccination in the municipality of San Nicolás passed in order and tranquility.

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When taking a tour of the modules of the Stadium and the one located at the intersection of Rómulo Garza and Anillo Periférico avenues, it was found that the older adults left satisfied, without setbacks and with a very agile process in vaccination.

In an interview, Marcos García highlighted that 30 thousand vaccines would be available on this second day, which began to be applied from 7:20 am this Tuesday.

"Today we hope to exceed yesterday's figure, perhaps to reach 30 thousand in all the modules, from 7:00 we began to register people who arrived early at the points and from 7:20 we began the vaccination", He said.

After detecting areas of opportunity in some of the modules where problems were recorded this Monday, this Tuesday provisions were made to avoid eventualities such as what happened at the point of the Master League, in the Corral de Piedra neighborhood.

“Yesterday there was an incidence in the number of vaccines, the number of doses was exceeded due to the number of people who came to apply it, more vaccines were requested from the Federal Government and the Sedena, which is the one who protects them and they were supplied again to the points .
"Today this should not happen, the complete batch was requested and the cooling area for the vaccines was expanded, we will be monitoring and if it is missing at any point, it can be quickly replenished," he said.

García Rodríguez assured that there are all vaccines to cover 100 percent with the registered number of adults over 60 years of age in San Nicolás.

clarified that what happened yesterday was due to the fact that many people who had their appointments scheduled for other days, came this Monday and in the modules they were received and treated by applying the dose, which caused the number of vaccines originally sent to the points According to the previous registry, it was less than the number of people who attended.

“It is important to emphasize that to prevent this from happening again, the people who have their appointment, go at the time and place indicated by it, and arrive 10 or 15 minutes before, this guarantees that the wait will be minimal and the experience positive in general, "he concluded.

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