Second phase of vaccination against covid-19 in health personnel concludes


By CAPosts 18 January, 2021 - 06:17pm 47 views

During the second phase of vaccination against covid-19, in the entity, 39 thousand doses of the biological developed by Pfizer-BioNTech were applied to personnel who are in the first line of care for this disease in 58 hospitals .

© Provided by Millennium This was carried out in strict adherence to the guidelines established by the federal government.

At this stage, there were no major incidents and only one case of reaction to the biological was recorded , which was monitored and monitored until its recovery. Regardless of this fact, the following were presented:

Anxiety crisis. Low pressure. Reports of slight headaches. Symptoms associated with emotion. Nervousness about receiving the vaccine

According to the state Ministry of Health, the immunization of personnel was carried out in strict accordance with the guidelines established by the federal government and under the supervision of the Ministry of National Defense, National Guard and brigades of the Servidores de la Nación.

program After this second stage, close coordination is maintained to continue, in accordance with the established schedule, with the vaccination of 127 thousand health sector workers in the entity .

For these tasks, the 58 hospital directors the 19 heads of jurisdiction , to organize the immunization posts, 978 trained vaccinators and 150 capturists acted as coordinators of the personnel to be vaccinated .


Source: MSN