Security strategy announced in CdMx; prioritize five crimes


By CAPosts 13 January, 2021 - 10:15pm 29 views

The government of Mexico City announced its security strategy for this year, which will prioritize attention to five crimes: intentional homicide, vehicle theft with violence, vehicle theft without violence, robbery of a passenger or driver with violence, home robbery room with violence.

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According to the capital's Secretary of Security, Omar García Harfuch, this does not mean that the other crimes that afflict the capital's residents will cease to be dealt with, whenever The operations that have had good results to reduce illicit crimes such as theft from public transport or theft from account holders will continue.

He stressed that it is a strategy of prioritizing: "In the case of the priority of intentional homicide, we refer mainly to intentional homicides due to criminal rivalry , which are the homicides that the authorities of Mexico City in conjunction with the Federal Government, we can reduce go. "

said, in addition, that although there is homicide due to social violence and fights, these are treated in a different way, but in the case of intentional homicide, the capital authorities will continue to fight the organizations or criminal cells that steal, extort and kidnap

In the case of vehicle theft with violence and vehicle theft without violence, the secretary said that although the incidence of these crimes has decreased last year and the year before, in this 2021 pay special attention to a different way of operating between the Attorney General's Office and the Secretariat for Citizen Security.

"Why vehicle theft? Because vehicle theft in any of its forms is associated with most crimes in Mexico City. When vehicle theft increases, other crimes usually rise, stolen vehicles, whether motorcycles or cars, they are used to commit various crimes, that is the reason why we are paying attention to this crime, "added García Harfuch.

He also said that the fight against robbery of a passenger or driver with violence was also established as a priority, because these generate "a terrible perception in the public and it is a crime that we are committed to eradicating."

Regarding theft going home with violence, he said that even though there was a minimal decrease in 2020, "we are not satisfied with the reduction we obtained in this crime and that is why the head of government instructed that we pay special attention to this crime."

García Harfuch pointed out that this security strategy includes the territorial presence of the Secretariat for Citizen Security; real-time monitoring with the C2 and C5; intelligence between the Attorney General's Office by the Investigative Police and the Undersecretariat of Intelligence by the Secretariat for Citizen Security; the support of the regional coordinators of the National Guard and the coordination between all security entities

The secretary also said that the fight against high-impact crime will not be left aside, since in 2020 more than 70 targets were arrested that were generators of violence

The head of the SSC pointed out that during this 2021 they will continue with the meetings of the security cabinet, led by Sheinbaum as well as the sessions from Monday to Friday in the regional coordination of each of the 16 mayors.


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