Ssa reports 2,746 covid outbreaks that caused 24,000 infections throughout the country


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In Mexico, 2,746 covid-19 outbreaks have been detected throughout the country, of which 24,410 confirmed cases were generated , reported José Luis Alomía, general director of Epidemiology.

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In an afternoon conference, he explained that the reported outbreaks were generated mainly at the community level, in which 807 outbreaks and 802 were registered in the family environment; It is followed by the intra-hospital setting with 523 and the work setting with 471. To a lesser extent, 52 outbreaks were reported in prisons, 47 in nursing homes, 21 in shelters, 15 in nurseries, 5 in ships and 3 in convents.

“Covid-19 is a disease that is transmitted efficiently in homes, when a person in the family nucleus has the disease it is quite likely that in due course it will transmit the virus to the wife, spouse, children , to people who they live at the same address. Intra-family outbreaks, together with community outbreaks, are the ones that have represented the greatest amount, in relation to all the outbreaks identified, they are followed in number by the intra-hospital and work, places and work areas ”, he indicated.

Of the 2,746 outbreaks of probable covid reported , 733 were registered in Hidalgo, 420 in Querétaro, 226 in Chihuahua, 142 in Baja California, 137 in Tlaxcala, 128 in Zacatecas, 123 in Jalisco, 116 in Oaxaca and 95 in Guanajuato , the rest of the states present less than 100 registries, among them, in Mexico City only 16 are reported

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Likewise, he explained that of the 52 outbreaks in prisons, the majority occurred in Hidalgo, with 9 outbreaks, in Veracruz and San Luis Potosí 5, in Colima, Baja California and Jalisco, 4 outbreaks are reported in each state.