SSG has talks with Pfizer for the acquisition of vaccines against Covid-19


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The Secretary of Health of the State of Guanajuato has remained in direct contact with the company Pfizer to be able to acquire vaccines against covid-19 , as was announced by Secretary Daniel Alberto Díaz Martínez.

© Provided by Milenio How was the Pfizer vaccine agreement achieved and what does it consist of?

The holder mentioned that for the moment they have been attentive to the dynamics that will take place on the part of the Federal Government's National Vaccination System, since He pointed out that the distribution of the 35 million doses must be equitable.

"It is not yet commercially available, however we have a direct approach with Pfizer, we are waiting for those 34 or 35 million doses that will be acquired by the federal government in the National Vaccination System is an example in the world, thus It has been in recent years that we have had fewer vaccines than before, we are waiting to know what the guidelines are, there must be an equitable distribution according to what the National Vaccination System has given us, "said Daniel Díaz.

With the doses, attention would be provided to about 17 million people initially since two doses per patient will be applied if they are to be had in the country, for now in Guanajuato, the Secretariat is working on logistics to take into account the guidelines issued by the federation and what will be the critical path that the procedure will follow

He added that health personnel are preparing to go out on the streets and be able to apply the vaccine in as soon as the purchase of the medical supply is made "I would not like to speculate or generate false expectations right now, there is no defined date or a defined amount and the provisions are still perfectly designed to see who is going to put first," said the secretary .

Diaz Martínez mentioned that first it could be possible to apply the vaccine to doctors and general health personnel who are the ones who will be in contact with people, so for e At the moment they are still pending to evaluate every detail so that it is taken into account at the time of having the vaccine.

"We understand that of course it will have to be the doctors, the health personnel who will be in contact with the people and well we are just waiting for this," added the secretary.

Daniel Díaz reiterated that as soon as the vaccines are commercially available by Pfizer, the state could have the direct deal for a purchase of the input , however from the first moment the federation will be the one who first acquires the vaccines and later the Secretariat will have the corresponding approach

Until now, there is no exact data on the cost of the vaccine, however the state has a budget of one billion pesos for its acquisition and as the state governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo has indicated, in terms of health, the budget will not be spared to attend to the contingency.

Regarding the equipment to be able to store the vaccine with the necessary temperature, he pointed out that only large research centers have deep-freezing devices since a temperature is requested minus 60 to minus 70 degrees Celsius, so there are two scenarios when looking for a supplier that helps maintain the adequate conditions of the input that the federation would just make known or commented that they have been in contact with a company that supplies this type of device, to have alternatives and be ready for the arrival of the vaccine

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