Start the campaign 'Take care more, stay home this Christmas' in the State of Mexico


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Since yesterday the Mexiquense Institute against Addictions (IMCA) will maintain the Christmas Campaign for the Moderation of Alcoholic Beverages Consumption 2020, under the slogan "Take care of yourself more, stay home this Christmas."

© Provided by Milenio The IMCA and the Secretariat of Health have several exercises contemplated during the campaign. (File)

During the launch of the campaign, the general director of the Mexiquense Institute against Addictions (IMCA), Francisco Fernández Clamont, reported that through the Ministry of Health, in coordination with this body they will be carrying out different exercises to In order to prevent excessive alcohol intake , during these dates, which are also framed in a pandemic scenario.

As part of the beginning, the virtual conference was held, by the speaker Silvia Morales Chainé, coordinator of Training Centers and Services Psychologicals of the Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); In which both health personnel and the general public participated

The annual awareness campaign began with this activity, within the framework of the Christmas holidays, where one of the highest rates of alcoholic beverages consumption is concentrated. The objective of the campaign is to sensitize the population about the risks and consequences associated with alcohol abuse, in particular during this month, which on the occasion of the Christmas holidays and the holiday period, are dates in which the consumption of beverages increases

The recommendations of the health sector focus, for this complex year, not only on reducing the consumption of alcoholic beverages, but also to continue with preventive measures to reduce the risks of contagion of covid-19, mainly the non hold meetings or parties during

It should be noted that data from the National Commission against Addictions (Conadic) indicate that excessive alcohol intake increases more than d double the probability of car accidents , mainly during this time that is characterized by a series of continuous celebrations related to Christmas and the New Year

Occasional excessive consumption is defined as the intake, by an adult, of at minus 60 degrees of alcohol in a single session, which is equivalent to having more than five standard drinks; This pattern of alcohol use is associated with a greater likelihood of physical and emotional harm, including violence, accidents, unplanned pregnancy, unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV.

In addition, it causes cognitive changes such as seeking more alcohol , increases the probability of acute alcohol intoxication, which is associated with a series of characterized changes in various aspects of psychological function , such as gross and fine motor incoordination, total incapacity for calculation, concentration, attention, judgment, reasoning and critical analysis , as well as memory disturbances, divided attention, and planning


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