"Take Care Brigades" do not meet the objective to combat the covid: CAP


By CAPosts 26 November, 2020 - 09:54pm 29 views

To date, there are 300 peasants from various municipalities of Tlaxcala who have lost their lives after being infected with covid-19 , said the president of the Permanent Agricultural Council (CAP) in Tlaxcala, Isabel Juárez Torres.

© Provided by Milenio Isabel Juárez Torres. (Adolfo Tenahua)

He regretted that currently his relatives remain in fear of having been infected, but they have no way of knowing it.

In this sense, the activist asked the State Government to review the actions of the "Take Care Brigades" of the Secretariat of Health (SESA) , who in reality only comply with applying the tests, but no longer follow up on positive cases, or their possible contacts to cut the chains of contagion.

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The activist said that the number of infected people in Tlaxcala is actually unknown, since the brigades locate the positive ones, leave them a couple of TNR-4 drugs, and they no longer return to find out how the patient is progressing and they also do not make sure if there are more infected in the family or close ones


Source: MSN