that happens on your skin when you get a tattoo


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Tattoos are art, which instead of fabric uses the skin as a canvas. Each work is unique for emotions, longings, moments that it eternalizes. However, each stroke marks more than the soul, and is that in each coming in and out of the needle something in the body changes, but what?

For starters, and according to Mayo Clinic Medical Institute, the tattooing process is done with a machine that works like sewing; a needle pierces the skin several times by inserting ink droplets. No anesthesia is used, some blood is expelled and there is mild pain.

What happens to your skin when you get a tattoo?

Cells eat and release ink over and over again

According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, some immune system cells called macrophage absorb ink. Which they release until the day they die and another cell repeats the action in an endless cycle.

To make it permanent

The tattoo machine must perform several blows in order for the ink to penetrate the external epidermis and reach the dermis. The second layer of the skin, which is bound by a protein called collagen and contains blood vessels, lymphatic and follicles, describes Stanford Children's Health.

A tattoo machine pierces the skin 50 to three thousand times per second.


After the image has been embodied the body begins a healing process that is divided into the following phases: blood clotting, inflammation, formation of granulation tissue, formation of new dermis and vascular response.

It is here where you should be most careful with the tattoo: you must clean with water and neutral soap, keep it moisturized through cream, avoid sun exposure and not remove the scabs that form.

Now you know what happens to the skin during a tattoo and we don't suggest you don't. Just make sure it's in a place with the best conditions and you have to take good care of it.