That they are the T cells and how they provide hidden immunity against covid-19


By CAPosts 31 July, 2020 - 10:45am 35 views

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In the intense race to fight coronavirus, scientists hopefully study cells that can be 'the key' to covid immunity19.

First, scientists discovered that patients who had recovered from Covid-19 mysteriously had no antibodies to the disease.

Then came the finding that many of those who develop antibodies seem to lose them again after a few months.

Researchers have begun to realize that there might be another form of immunity that in some cases, has been able to remain in the body for years.

So an enigmatic type of white blood cells is gaining prominence in research on the new coronavirus: T cells.

And your study can be crucial in the fight against the pandemic.

"Looking at covid-19 patients - but, I'm happy to say that also when I observed individuals who were infected but did not need hospitalization - it is absolutely clear that there are responses from T cells," Adrian Hayday, professor of immunology at King's College London and group leader at the Francis Crick Institute, told the BBC.

In this video we explain what T cells are and how they can protect you against covid-19.

Guion and presentation: Ana María Roura - Video edition: Angelo Attanasio - Editor: Natalia Pianzola

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