The reason people in Mexico have a scar on their arm


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Among the things that can characterize Mexicans is the semi-circle mark on the right. If you've always wondered, here's the reason for this scar.

Although not all mexicanos we have it, most of them, especially if you are millennial or even if you were born after years 50. The reason is that this cythema is caused by VACine against tuberculosis, also known as BCG, which began to be applied at this time and is administered after birth.


This cypercyst is just part of your body's normal . According to information from the health secreage, it begins as a nódulo which becomes culcera and, subsequently in costra that, when falling, 6 to 12 weeks after vaccination, remains as cypercypercypercypercypercypercy, the shape of which may also depend on your sealtype and whether it was placed correctly. 

Although it is not the only reaction, as it may also occur inflation of the nodes of the axila of the vaccinated arm, this is also the most common... So if I don't have this cycler wasn't sned?

While the cythema it is certain that you vacunate, not having it does not mean the opposite, because the Spanish Association of Vacunology, reveals that this reaction appears in 90 to 95 % of those vaccinated, therefore it is very likely that you have been vacunada. Check your sation card to confirm. And remember that if you were born 1970 and 1989, you might need this vaccine,

  ©  &A little history on the BCG vaccine

First it is important to know why it is called BCG if it is for tuberculosis. And the answer is simple: it is a preparation of anued livebacteria derived from a culture of oteette and Guérin (Mycobacterium bovis); in a nutshell, it means: Bacilo Calmette and Guérin.

About your presence in Mexico, it is known that in 1948 the BCG, used for the vacuna liquid BCG was introduced in Mexico, and it was in 1951, when vaccination against tuberculosis was , satrosum during the 1950s.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is very clear in the importance of vaccinating newborns, because this vaccine has a protective effect in lactants and young children, except those with VIH, some type of cancer, among other contraindications, that doctors know.


Remember that tuberculosis is a potentially serious infectious that afectes the lungs and is caused by bacteria spread from person to person through pea drops released by soons or sneezing, according to information from Mayo Clinic.

While the vaccine is a good protection method, especially against severe forms of paperine non-pulmonary problems, such as TBine meningitis, WHO clarifies that it is unreliable against pulmonary tuberculosis in adults. However, it's also true that you can hosped the bacteria cause it, but don't get sick because your hoether system prevents it.

But, if you have tos for 3 weeks or more, coughing up blood, dolor in your chest or breathing, fatigue, fever, perturning night (know other conssurer reasons why you're soaked) and ste of weight, don't hesitate to consult your doctor.&;nbsp;

Now you know, it's not a or chickenpox brand, it's just a way of remembering that you were vaccinated and protected against tuberculosis... I sure didn't notice, though. Oh, and we're sorry to tell you that it's not unique to Mexicans. 

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