There are 127 thousand health workers infected with covid; 1,744 died


By CAPosts 14 October, 2020 - 08:23pm 51 views

The director of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía said that the covid-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of 1,744 health workers out of 127,000 professionals who have been infected with the disease caused by SARS CoV-2. © Provided by Milenio Luis Barrón is one of the 58 doctors, doctors, nurses and nurses who were awarded. (Javier Ríos)

"There are 1,744 health professionals who at the time gave positive to the test and who died. For today, 127 thousand 053 people are accumulated confirmed cases; 230 thousand 884 came out negative and we expect a result of 21 thousand 219", the official said.
In a conference to report on the situation of the new coronavirus, Alomía detailed that 70 percent of the deceased were men . In addition, he said that more workers with comorbidities who obtained permission to stay at home have died than those who remained active. He said that mortality in active workers is 6.8, while fatality is 0.7; Meanwhile, in workers with COVID permission who stayed at home and were infected, the mortality rate is 12.6 and the fatality rate is 1.3 . Video: More than 127 thousand health workers have been infected with covid-19 (Dailymotion) Replay video CONFIGURATION Disabled HD HQ SD LO Skip ad Of the 127 thousand accumulated cases of infected workers, he said that 2.4 percent represent active cases: 3 thousand 089 health professionals. Young adults are the ones who have become most ill from covid 19 and, unlike the general population, "women have a higher proportion of affectation, in this case 60 percent of all accumulated cases." The distribution by occupation of the infected is 42% nurses, 29% doctors 26%, laboratory 2%, dentists 1%. Bgpa