There are no more cases about the sale of spaces in vaccination modules in Toluca


By CAPosts 12 April, 2021 - 06:52pm 3 views

The mayor of Toluca, Juan Rodolfo Sánchez Gómez, reported that so far they have not registered more cases related to the alleged sale of places , in the vaccination modules against covid-19 located in the Mexican capital.

© Provided by Milenio Juan Rodolfo Sánchez

He explained that after this Sunday was released this complaint, in which they report on people outside the organization of the vaccination strategy , supposedly, they charged 500 pesos for "setting aside" the place and being among the first In receiving the vaccine, this city council took the pertinent actions.

The municipal official explained that the authorities carried out an operation in the vicinity of the “Nemesio Diez” state, where this mishap was registered, and thereby prevent such conduct from continuing .

“Yesterday they managed to dissuade the presence immediately, it was real; indeed there were some, they spoke with them on behalf of the Government Directorate and they left the place ”.

He mentioned that this has been the only incident of this type registered in the vaccination modules, which were installed in Toluca.

“It was the only one where there was one; but it was incipient, it is really irrelevant , there were no arrests, they only spoke with them and invited them to move, they agreed without any major problem. ”

He recalled that to facilitate the transfer of older people, they have a strategy of 600 municipal government vehicles contemplated , whose purpose is to take the elderly to the vaccination modules and then return them to their homes; For this, it is necessary to call 7222152548.

Candidacy and vaccination

The mayor pointed out that the issue of health and vaccination are matters that require the utmost attention ; For this reason, it resumed activities to be able to organize this process correctly.

“This requires a lot of attention, a lot of diligence, throughout these days I have held meetings with all the general directors, area directors and managers of the municipal administration, so that this process is successful. If I resumed activities, I had requested permission even for a number 'x', it could have been until that day or earlier and we have been doing it with great dedication.

He recalled that last Friday he requested a new license so that starting Monday April 19 and until June 8 , he temporarily retires from office.

stressed that he will wait for the times defined by the electoral calendar to be able to define his participation in the respective process.

"Now that the formal process is over, we are going to hope that the respective formalities are covered , I am applying for this license to be in a starting position; but waiting for the institution to complete the formal candidate selection processes and once that is satisfied and completed, we move forward. ”


Source: MSN