They cheat Leon; They sell you a helium tank instead of oxygen


By CAPosts 19 January, 2021 - 05:28pm 28 views

The desperation of having a loved one sick with covid-19 struggling between life and death is something that more and more people experience and unfortunately for Carmen Torres and her family this situation led them to be victims of the scam by merchants of social networks that sold them a helium tank instead of an oxygen tank and then disappeared without further explanation.

© Provided by Milenio They paid 6 thousand pesos for the helium tank

It was recently that the health of his mother, sick with covid and in advanced age, began to worsen and to require medical oxygen, at that time the family's search began to achieve acquire, either for purchase or for rent, this input.

It was his brother-in-law who, through a group of "buying and selling" on social networks, managed to find one for 6 thousand pesos, traveling to the city of Silao to buy it.

"On Saturday my mother was saturating very little and was urgent for oxygen and my brother-in-law saw a contact of a man who was selling an oxygen tank on Facebook, and it turns out that when they go to Silao for it and they go to refill it, they He says that it was not oxygen, it was helium gas, gas for balloons, "said Carmen Torres.

When they wanted to contact him again, the person stopped responding and practically disappeared, leaving them adrift, without the money and with time against it, given the need they went to the search again and they acquired a tank on loan, unfortunately it is expired and it may not be of use.

"I do not know what they have in their hearts or veins that our pain does not really hurt, I really do not wish anyone to go through this because it is so frustrating and desperate to see that your family member is between life and death "See how so many people use oxygen today to continue breathing. I am a Catholic and I hope God forgives them because the truth is not worth what they are doing," she said between tears.

Before a father who died more than a month ago and whose funeral expenses are still covering, acquiring an oxygen tank at prices as high as those offered today is not part of their possibilities, they make a call for help for those who can provide them with a tank at a reasonable price , they hope their story will help others not fall victim to this kind of scam.

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