They make a drive thru line one day in advance in Tampico


By CAPosts 11 April, 2021 - 07:19pm

Older adults line up one day in advance to obtain the covid-19 vaccine at the Tampico Expo facilities through the Drive thru modality starting this Monday, according to the date established by the Federal Government. © Provided by Milenio Vehicles line up outside the Tampico Expo one day in advance

They began to line up on the Adolfo López Mateos boulevard and there will be an option that they can stay in this place until Monday, where the application will start from 09:00 : 00 hours .

According to Traffic and Roads for the row of units it is contemplated to use the Perimetral boulevard to avoid traffic on the boulevard which is one of the main avenues.

It was from 11:00 hours this Sunday when the arrival of units began, but Transit was already prepared, as they had cordoned off the access to prevent them from entering prematurely.

Older adults had to endure inclement weather Since there was sun and high temperatures , the units began to heat up despite the fact that some were wearing the weather.

Before this situation, some chose to get out of their cars and sought shade in the wooded area surrounding the Expo grounds from Tampico on the same Adolfo López Mateos boulevard, since they cannot keep the car running all day either, some of them argued.

There were those who preferred to leave a younger family member standing guard in line, while the grandparents left when requesting the taxi service and it will be until this Monday first thing when they return for the application of the vaccine.

The concern of those over 60 years old is that not everything They had a surname from "A" to "C" which according to logistics is who corresponds to the first day, however, they preferred to take a risk and stay away from a place

Source: MSN