This NL prepared for the outbreak of covid-19: Status


By CAPosts 28 February, 2021 - 08:19pm 61 views

Faced with the reopening to older adults and children, and after recognizing a 70 percent shot in mobility in Nuevo León, the Secretary of Health in the State announced that they are prepared for any re-outbreak of covid-19 cases with infrastructure and personnel that has rested after the drop in cases.

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During the daily press conference, Amalia Becerra Aquino, deputy director of the Metropolitan Hospital, revealed that they do not know the magnitude of this possible outbreak, but that they have taken the opportunity to rest the medical staff before the decrease of cases in the State.

“We are prepared because we have been coming out of a very important regrowth, we have not decreased anything at all, the hospital infrastructure continues and the staff continues to treat patients.
"Given the decrease in cases, we are taking the opportunity to do exhaustive sanitation and cleaning of areas to reduce the workload on the staff, but the staff continues," said Becerra Aquino.

The deputy director of the Metropolitan Hospital recalled that in Nuevo León there have been two very important "peaks" in the course of the pandemic.

“One was in July, which was the first, and the other, in January, early February, this was more serious than that of June and July, and then we had a decrease in the number of cases reported daily to 198 and a decrease of hospitalizations.
"That is, if there is a regrowth we are prepared, the staff continues and is a little more rested, because we take advantage of: We owed days, we had vacations (to) be prepared and that the staff have a 'refresh' or rest before (a regrowth )… The hospital infrastructure has been disinfected so that they are ready because we hope that there will be (the regrowth), we do not know the magnitude because that depends on the behavior of society ”, said the health official in the state.

reported that after the reopening and flexibility of measures for the elderly and children, mobility in Nuevo León registered a 70 percent increase.

Source: MSN