Torreon, municipality with the most active cases and hospitalized for coronavirus in Coahuila


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In the last 24 hours, a total of 288 new cases of covid-19 , including 30 deaths , occurred in Coahuila according to what the Ministry of Health reports, which accounts for 8 municipalities that have deaths .

© Provided per Millennium Today, 11 deaths were registered in Torreón. (Mauricio Román)

Allende, Frontera, Monclova, Piedras Negras, Saltillo, Sabinas, San Pedro and Torreón, are the cities that reported deaths of infected patients, most of the cases that had already been reported

11 deaths were registered in Torreón , followed by Saltillo who had 6; Monclova with 4; and the municipalities of Allende, Frontera, Piedras Negras and San Pedro, reported two deaths in each, while Sabinas registered one more death

Total deaths

In total 3,229 people have died so far in the pandemic, and as of today, 684 cases of hospitalized people have accumulated , including suspected or confirmed cases.

There are 7 municipalities that concentrate hospitalizations , mainly Torreón with 338; Saltillo with 204; Monclova with 68; San Juan de Sabinas with 36; Piedras Negras with 30 and the municipalities of Acuña and Sabinas with 7 and 1 person hospitalized respectively.

New cases

The new cases are distributed in 21 municipalities , led by Torreón, which has the majority with 138; Saltillo with 37; Monclova with 31; San Pedro with 17 and Matamoros with 13.

Other municipalities that reported new cases were Piedras Negras with 12; Allende with 7; Muzquiz with 6; Francisco I. Madero with 5 and the municipalities of Acuña, Ramos Arizpe, Zaragoza and Viesca with 3 cases each; Cuatrocienegas and Frontera reported 2 new cases each and the municipalities of Ocampo, Villa Unión, San Buenaventura, Nava, Sierra Mojada and San Juan de Sabinas, one in each

Active cases

To date there are 2,420 active cases of covid-19 , distributed throughout almost the entire entity, mainly in Torreón with 837; Saltillo with 349; Monclova with 250; Piedras Negras with 154, San Pedro with 151; Matamoros with 75; San Juan de Sabinas with 72 and Acuña with 66.

Other municipalities with active cases are Sabinas with 59; Muzquiz with 51; Francisco I. Madero, Cuatro Ciénegas and Allende with 45 and the municipalities of Zaragoza and Ramos Arizpe, with 30 and 29 cases respectively

To date, Coahuila has already accumulated 42,913 cases, including 3,229 deaths , while those recovered total 37 thousand 264 and the municipalities with the highest number are Torreón with 8 thousand 927; Saltillo with 7,531; Monclova with 4,298 and Piedras Negras with 3,813 recovered.


Source: MSN