Until this Saturday they have vaccinated 91 thousand older adults in Ecatepec


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Ecatepec authorities reported that until yesterday the total of adults over 60 years of age and older, immunized with the anticovid vaccine reached the figure of 91 thousand 70 people, which is equivalent to more than 50 percent, of the approximately 180 thousand who live in this locality.

© Provided by Milenio They reported that today there is little influx of people. (Special)

The municipal government headed by the mayor, Fernando Vilchis Contreras, announced that until Saturday the 10 sites where the doses of the Sinovac vaccine of Chinese origin are applied could be observed without long lines, and with rapid advance .

It was highlighted that in this first weekend that the 10 installed vaccination centers were in operation, the waiting time decreased notably and the elderly received the first dose of the injection.

This Sunday the 10 buildings enabled for the application of the vaccine are still open and little influx of people is observed, so the first cut in the number of in lessons applied will take place after 1:00 p.m.

It was specified that this Saturday 17 thousand 18 vaccines were applied, which added To the 74 thousand 52 administered since last Monday and until Friday, they give a total of 90 thousand 70 immunized older adults, which represents that on average 15 thousand 178 were vaccinated people daily

They reiterated that the decrease in the length of the lines was evident in the different vaccination modules, since in some such as the one located in the Civic Center of the Río de Luz neighborhood, the average waiting time was 40 minutes , while in Las Américas and Deportivo Bicentenario people waited up to an hour or a little more, but the general public considered the process as expeditious, and appreciated the good treatment of the health personnel of the Health Institute of the State of Mexico ( ISEM) and that of the Servants of the Nation, of the federal government.

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