'Perseverance' gets the first video of a landing on Mars in history


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NASA has just released the full video of Perseverance's landing on Mars, the first time that the arrival of a mission to the red planet has been recorded. The images were taken with several cameras attached to the exploration vehicle: they begin shortly after the deployment of the huge parachute, continue with the descent of the spacecraft towards a surface of Mars where many of its geographical features can be observed, and ends with the shot of Perseverance .

"By looking at these images, anyone can have an idea of what it would be like to land a spacecraft on Mars," summarized Matt Wallace, one of those responsible for the mission, during a press conference held today. For the first time NASA has allowed the rover to carry conventional video and photo cameras to try to document the complete landing. The decision has been a success due to the spectacular nature of the images and the usefulness of these videos and images to better understand the whole process, as explained by the mission team today.

Spanish Science and Technology on Mars 'Perseverance': lands Successfully the largest mission to Mars in history

Perseverance successfully landed in the Jezero crater last Thursday at the edge of 10pm CET. This is the largest mission to Mars in history and its main objective is to find traces of life in this area of the northern hemisphere of Mars, which 3.5 billion years ago was a large lake where the conditions suitable for the appearance of life could exist.

In the coming days, those in charge of the mission will analyze the first data accumulated by Perseverance , review its programming and begin to test its different instruments . In a few weeks the vehicle will move its robotic arm for the first time and perform a first short test ride. In a month or two, the rover is expected to have found a place flat enough to drop the Ingenuity , a small drone powered by long propellers that has been deployed to Mars for the first time.

This type of autonomous vehicle could be the solution to reach the most rugged and complicated places on the planet, points that could not be visited otherwise. In the future, drones like this could be an important support for manned missions. Another objective of the mission is precisely to prepare the way for the astronauts who will arrive in a few years.

This is also the most expensive mission in the history of the exploration of Mars : about 2,200 million euros. Perseverance has six wheels and is equipped with seven scientific instruments with which to try to analyze the atomic and chemical composition of the bottom of the disappeared lake in search of unmistakable traces of Martian microbes. The mission's science team intends to explore the bottom of the ancient lake and its shores in search of carbonate minerals, which on Earth preserve fossils very well. In the future, the mission could reach the limit of the crater, just at the point where a river entered and where sediments carried by the water are still preserved.

The first images sent by Perseverance so far showed the vehicle still hanging of the crane that successfully landed him on the surface, one of his wheels stepping on the land of Mars shortly after landing and a panoramic view in color of the place where he is.

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