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By CAPosts 06 April, 2021 - 10:20pm

The most pronounced word yesterday Tuesday was hopefully. President Pedro Sánchez presented an ambitious, hopeful vaccination plan and, above all, committed to a precise and verifiable calendar . Or refutable with the same precision. That is guts, because you know that at the slightest breach of the calendar, the octopus will fall on you, let's not talk about the one that could be bundled by an unforeseen calamity, such as a bottleneck in the vaccine production chain. It seems clear that if the president and his advisers have decided to get wet in that swamp of quicksand, they must have plenty of guarantees that the plan is carried out and herd immunity is achieved by the end of August. "Hopefully," said the experts asked. If only. The big word of the day.

There are other big words that have resurfaced in the pandemic crisis with much murkier intentions. Freedom, to take a silly example. The political parties most vulnerable to corporate pressure have used this noble concept to mess things up. Freedom is surely the most elementary human aspiration, as anyone who has had to live under a dictatorship can certify, or on the shores of that paradise where well-off families and great fortunes dwell.

The freedom to remove the mask and form agglomerations advised against by epidemiology

But the freedom for which the Madrid right claims, to cite another silly example, is not that freedom to lead a decent life, educate children and access the labor system in an equitable way, but to go out to bars, go shopping and take to the streets with your high-end German cars. The freedom to remove the mask and form agglomerations discouraged by epidemiology. I always remember what the cardiologist Valentín Fuster said in another context: “People say that taking measures against saturated fats cuts their freedom; I answer them that the traffic lights also cut it ”. Fuster, in his time as president of the World Heart Association, was proud to have made McDonald's the largest salad seller on the planet. The pimply teenagers would lose their freedom, surely, but they have saved a lot of heart attacks that would have made their lives bitter.

Another great word is inequality. But I am not referring to the fact that the pandemic has glaringly revealed the unacceptable differences that deteriorate the health of the impoverished classes and minority ethnic groups, but rather the strenuous attempts to give the term a shine that is alien to it. The rejection of vaccination passports, for example, is largely based on this lexicographic trick: as vaccines are being put by risk and age criteria, there will be citizens who will be able to travel in summer and others who will not, and that would generate inequality. Voucher. But what inequality? The one that favors the elderly because it allows them to recover the trips of the Imserso? I mean, since I can't travel, neither can old people. What intellectual finesse.

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Source: Elpais

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