Dinosaurs also suffered from cancer, a tumor confirms it


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© Provided by UnoTV Scientists discover dinosaur leg cancer for the first time.

The study of a malformation in a sopy's leg of a dinosaur showed that he had a manifestation of osteosarcoma, that is, a cancer insive bone .

In 1989, when scientists discovered the fossils of a horned dinosaur called Centrosaurus in the wastelands of dinosaur provincial park in the Canadian province of Alberta, one of the leg bones was malformed so they assumed it was a cured fracture.

However, a new exam showed something different. Now The Centrosaurus, which lived 76 million years ago, is the first known example of a dinosaur affected by malignant cancer.

A bone in the lower leg of the animal contained "a massive knotty tumor larger than an apple" , said paleontologist David Evans of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, one of the researchers in the study published in the journal Lancet Oncology.

"This particular Centrosaurus was probably weak and lame from cancer before his death . This remarkable finding shows that no matter how large or powerful some dinosaurs may look, they were affected by many of the same diseases we see in humans and other animals today, including cancer. Dinosaurs look like mythical beasts, but they lived, they breathed animals that suffered horrific wounds and diseases ," he added.

What about 6 meters long, Centrosaurus was a four-legged Cretaceous dinosaur with a beak, ate plants and possessed a long horn over the nose and a bone frill over the neck with two smaller horns.

Because most tumors occur in soft tissues that are not easily fossilized, there is little evidence of cancer in the fossil record.

"This finding speaks to cancer biology. It's not new or new, but it's probably been since time immemorial and it's an expected complication in all animals", said the study co-author, Dr. Mark Crowther, professor of medicine, pathology and molecular medicine at McMaster University in Ontario.

"Osteosarcoma usually occurs in fast-growing huso and, as such, is found in children and young adults. Presumably, dinosaurs were also at risk due to the fact that they grew at huge rates Crowther added.

He also commented that the tumor destroys the bone and can spread to other tissues. In people, treatment consists of chemotherapy and surgery that sometimes involves amputation, Crowther said.

Researchers confirmed it was a tumor using high-resolution CT scans and observing thin sections under the microscope. "The tumor was not only able to prove that bone tissue showed the characteristics of osteosarcoma, but that the tumor spiraled through the bone cortex, discounting its original identification from a healed fracture," Evans explained.

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