How I finished the "Dani thesis" on the agenda of an opposition in the BOE


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The Official State Gazette (BOE) published on Christmas Eve the requirements to qualify for 133 positions of specialized technicians in Public Research Bodies. This Tuesday, an anonymous Twitter user warned that one of the squares included a strange subject on the agenda: "Metallic oxide bronzes (Dani's Thesis)". And he launched a question on the air: “Speaking of inbreeding: Will this position as a specialized technician (A2 official) at the CSIC Institute of Chemical Technology be for this Dani or one of his laboratory colleagues?”

The “thesis of Dani ”became a small scandal this Wednesday. Deputy María Jesús Moro , spokesperson for the Popular Party Universities, urged the Science Minister , Pedro Duque, to give explanations. "Now do we also anticipate and publish in the BOE the recipient of the place in the call for a selection process? It's shameful! ”Proclaimed Moro, also a tenured professor of Civil Law at the University of Salamanca. MEP Luis Garicano , from Ciudadanos, also reacted : "Surely the contest is open and transparent, and that in the end Dani is the best ... What a lack of shame."

The director of the Institute of Chemical Technology, Fernando Rey assures that the appearance of "Dani's thesis" on the opposition agenda is a mistake without any murky explanation. Rey affirms that to decide the requirements for the position, a draft was first made with "the most relevant research lines of the center, which will be supported at the time by said specialized technician position." The syllabus writers, according to the director's explanation, "included specific recent references" to the status of those investigations. One of the topics was: “Metallic oxide bronzes (Dani's Thesis)”. And so it was sent to the BOE. It is only one of the 50 specific issues of the opposition.

Expressions such as "opposition with a bug" or "home candidate" are common in the academic field in Spain, because "it is common and socially acceptable that the summoned place is measure of the candidate who is already part of the staff ”, according to a 2019 report from the Alternativas Foundation coordinated by scientist Vicente Larraga , from the CSIC itself. Fernando Rey flatly denies any plugging.

“The situation is somewhat surreal. It is not part of my plans to return to Spain to apply to a position of this type ", explains chemist Daniel Delgado

"This is not an endogamous practice, but an error in the procedure for preparing the agenda proposal," says Rey. "This error will be corrected," he adds. The Institute of Chemical Technology, in Valencia, is a center of excellence of the CSIC and the Polytechnic University of Valencia and has an annual budget of about six million euros. Among its staff there are international references in their field, such as Avelino Corma , a specialist in catalysts and one of the most influential Spanish scientists in the world .

A CSIC spokesperson transmits the same version as Fernando Rey and also details that “the Dani referred to works in the Max Planck and does not plan to appear in the square. The aforementioned himself confirms it. This is the chemist Daniel Delgado Muñoz , a postdoctoral researcher at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society in Berlin. The position to be filled in Valencia is a specialized technician, a level lower than yours. “The situation is somewhat surreal. It is not part of my plans to return to Spain to apply to a position of this type, ”he explains. Daniel Delgado defended his thesis - on the use of metal oxides as catalysts - on May 9, 2019 in the auditorium of the Institute of Chemical Technology. The now famous "Dani thesis", curiously, begins with this quote from the philosopher José Ortega y Gasset: "Reality, then, is offered in individual perspectives."

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