Modern vaccine has side effects: fever, fainting. And the next day, it seems, all right


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Madrid, June 28 (Europa Press).- Several people who have voluntarily participated in the coiccical essays of the vacuna which is being developed by the company Modern Therapeutic against COVID-19, the disease that causes the new coronavirus, have been advised that it causes high fever and fainting.

According to an article published in Stat, Ian Haydon, a 29-year-old from Seattle, USA, has participated in these studies and has even volunteered to expose himself to the new coronavirus in the event that any group of scientists want to test whether their vaccine is really effective.

For now, Haydon has participated in the Modern company and, as he explained, 12 hours after receiving the second dose he developed a high fever and, after being discharged from the ER services, passed out when he arrived at his home, although he recovered the next day.

We are pleased to share a preprint of the preclinical manuscript for our #vaccine against #SARS -CoV-2 to potentially prevent #COVID19 disease. We thank the NIAID team for their collaboration with our infectious disease research team. @NIAIDNews

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"I understand that sharing the story is going to be scary for some people, but I hope it doesn't generate any kind of general antagonism towards vaccines or even towards this vaccine, although I hope that my story will counteract the desperation that some people have for throwing a vaccine on the market, regardless of its consequences," he said.

As you have reported, the goal of the phase 1 clinical trial is to find the correct dose of the vaccine that allows the body to generate antibodies but without causing side effects. "Vaccines need to develop at the speed they require. Stories like the one that happened to me are important because they shape the approval process," he said.

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In the 45-person Modern study, four participants experienced what is known as "Grade 3" adverse events: side effects that are serious or medically significant but do not immediately endanger life.

Neither the company nor the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which is conducting the trial, have previously detailed the nature of those incidents, although the company has revealed that three participants, probably including Haydon, received the highest dose of the vaccine that was tested and experienced reactions involving their entire body. A fourth volunteer received a lower dose and had a rash at the injection site.


Haydon, communications manager at a university, initially learned about the studio, which was running in Seattle, by a friend who sent him a link. He, along with thousands of others, applied to participate and was called 11 days after he applied.

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Haydon, communications manager at a university, initially learned about the studio, which was running in Seattle, by a friend who sent him a link. Photo: Virginia Mayo, AP

To participate, you had to undergo a physical exam and fill out a 20-page consent form. In addition, he was informed that the vaccine could cause severe anaphylactic shock, and there was no way to predict exactly how his immune system would respond to the new vaccine.

Haydon had studied research into other modern experimental vaccines, which work through a completely new technology that uses messenger RNA, the body's key envoy of genetic information within cells, and thought they seemed relatively safe. During the physical exam, the researchers pulled blood and, within a week, received his first dose.

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They gave him a paper record to write down any symptoms, a digital thermometer and a small ruler to measure any reaction at the injection site. The next day, he felt pain in his arm, "like a punch" and had trouble lifting him up for a few days. This pain was most indicted in the second dose, with which he raised his fever, vomited and fainted.

Given what is at stake with a COVID-19 vaccine, the side effects described in the launch of Moderna would likely be considered acceptable, even if observed in future studies. The serious effects were only observed in high doses that are not being carried forward. The other vaccine for which preliminary data is available caused fever in almost half of the recipients.