Nobody wants placebo


By CAPosts 13 January, 2021 - 04:43am 39 views

A Reuters journalist, Steve Stecklow, participates in a clinical trial of the Novavax vaccine in a London hospital in October. STAFF / Reuters

The dilemma is known and is becoming more and more pressing. Imagine you are a volunteer enrolled in a clinical trial of a new vaccine, say Novavax, a Maryland firm. The trial is going according to plan, and you know — that's why you signed up — that it is essential to know if the new vaccine is safe and effective. These trials divide the sample into a half that receives the vaccine and one that receives a placebo, with neither the patient nor the doctor knowing who is who. Without that, there are no reliable results and the Novavax vaccine will never get approved. But, of course, now you know that there is vacu ...

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