Opinion | The INE turns 30


By CAPosts 13 October, 2020 - 04:13pm 50 views

The institutional life of the IFE / INE is consistent with Deleuze's thought: " thinking is creating and creating is resisting . " Thought is creation, it has its productive forms: Technique, Science, Culture, Philosophy, Politics, Law ..., each production of the intellect founds its specific means, impulses, semantics, morphology, sensations, concepts, functions ... This is the basis with the that performs the creation of new possibilities of shared life. On October 11, 30 years ago, the Federal Electoral Institute was born and predicts a substantive change of orientation in the election regime, a disruptive transition to procedural democracy that goes through from the basic cell of the electoral organization, the processing of the will of choose, even the production of governments. It is the image of political thought, we have an ethical and legal obligation, a moral commitment with the Homeland to care and strengthen; no matter the voices that in the exercise of power easily forget the rules of the political game, the mechanics of change go unnoticed. "To think is to create, to create is to resist . " Our institution in its 30 years has been resistance: to the abjection and imbecility of post-truth; to the witty speech and its crude parody; resistance to the same electoral procedure that exhausts its quality when interpreted from ideologies. The electoral procedure is the work of the Mexicans, it was born out of dialogue, it has been carried out in stages, it has created rules of the political game, it has international recognition, our Nation has set an example of the hows for technically sound, civilized, coherent elections, lucid, founded on ethical principles. The thought is plainly political, the reason is simple, it confronts dominant meanings, values in vogue, current powers, interests, it includes the people and their social classes. Of the three decades that this institution has lived, it does not make a history of political morals, the INE promotes the behaviors reflected and thought to move to a better way of living collectively, it speaks of itself, for itself, through care and attention to 216 elections throughout the country, plus two that will be held on the 18th of this month, 20 of them in the State of Aguascalientes. Call for elections for June 2021 with an electoral list of 95 million citizens, more than 165 thousand polls, to elect 21,368 popularly elected positions. It studies, plans, budgets, the struggles for public power, anticipates the game of true and false, constitutes political adjustments. The truth does not suit its object, it has gone further, thinks carefully, attends to new experiences, has perfected its power-knowing process, as a summary of possible experiences. The INE not only sees what happens, it does not resign, it considers what it supports and makes happen what should happen in honor of the norm. His equation is simple: Yes, as long as you don't! Video: AMLO: Organizations no longer dictate Mexico's economic policy (Dailymotion) Replay video CONFIGURATION Deactivated HD HQ SD LO Skip advertisement Beyond the electoral procedure, the INE has resisted electoral reforms that have assigned it countless activities, such as charging public financing to political parties in its budget; in its resistance by way of the National Strategy of Civic Culture, it has caused a distancing, a vaccine for daily life without damage by the dialectical wars that impose doctrines and ideologies, it seeks to educate in virtue; it has resisted inexplicable hatreds, making it possible for citizens to approach others in their own movement, to help them be more themselves; equal in rights, duties and dignity to live together as citizens; it has resisted false assurances, calls for joint action; it resists the virtuality of being hyper-connected, it calls for us not to fragment ourselves, it makes it difficult to solve the problems that affect everyone. The INE honors the constitutional mandate to care for and preserve the right that every Mexican has to vote and be voted.

I greet Otto Granados Roldan, Governor of the State in the first years of the Institute, in that merit the State, through legal acuity and political will, was clay of serious, transcendent normative contributions, which today have caused the State: the National System of Elections tried Through an agreement between the IFE and the State Government, the Local Executive Board presided over the State Electoral Commission; Likewise, it experienced public financing to political parties, through a budget for consideration by the EEC for its legal distribution among political forces; the electoral office also proved the scene with the creation of the figure of Electoral Clerk; the quick count showed his face via radio autonomous university; the chain of custody established real with the support of the State Government's automobile fleet to grant electoral assistance to officials of the Board of Directors of Casilla…, among others. Now Mexico is an example of the electoral procedure in the world, it is tested by hundreds of international missions to study the issue. The INE builds a we that inhabits our home, Mexico.