Scientists launch DIY coronavirus vaccine that you can prepare at home


By CAPosts 31 July, 2020 - 08:07am 50 views

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We are still a few months away before we can have the first coronavirus vaccines approved by FDA and WHO, but a group of scientists associated with Harvard Medical School believe they have a good alternative that people can prepare for themselves and administer themselves. They shared their research and discoveries online under the Creative Commons License.

These scientists say they have already tried a coronavirus vaccine, but this is not part of any formal approval process for FDA.

The group of scientists, which is not working with any of the large companies that are developing coronavirus vaccines (which could go as early as 2021), formed a nonprofit called RaDVac and according to what it says on its official site, they were inspired to act when they realized that the coronavirus pandemic was a bigger problem than originally expected, becoming "the biggest public health crisis in a century."

"Experts say a vaccine is our best hope to end the pandemic, but a trade vaccine won't arrive until the end of 2020 or early 2021, if all goes well," the group writes on its website. "Our mission is same development, testing and public exchange of vaccine recipes that are simple enough to be produced and administered by individual citizen scientists."

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The website also says that this vaccine can be produced without having professional equipment or a fully equipped lab (although not having all that makes the process a little more complicated), besides, Only five ingredients available on the market are needed to create it: etopepeptides, chitosan, sodium triphosphate, sodium chloride and water (this could cost less than a traditional vaccine, but that does not eliminate the risk).

"We have used our knowledge and skills in biomedical research to develop vacunas against SARS-CoV-2, which we are testing on ourselves," the group writes on its website. "We also aim to connect with other citizen scientists who wish to manufacture and deploy the vaccine, build on our approach, advance the exchange of ideas, data and best practices."

Once the vaccine is armed, it can be administered through a spray that is placed on the nose, the problem that it is not developing in one of the professional laboratories and that it is not following the approval process of the FDA is that, on the one hand, it cannot be guaranteed that it will work and, on the other hand, it cannot be verified that it is safe. In addition, doctors around the world have said time and time again that automedication can do more harm than benefits.

The Dr. Daniel Klosowski, a chemist who analyzed the instructions for the vaccine (although he has not tried it himself), told Motherboard that it would not be terribly difficult to mix and administer this vaccine. "The procedure itself seems pretty easy for someone with some lab experience," they said. "The instructions would need many more details for someone with no scientific experience. A graduate student or a college student with access to a lab could assure you."

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For now, vacuna has been used by these scientists to study its effects and demonstrate its effectiveness, but the size of the tests is too small to ensure that this is an effective and safe cure. For now, scientists say the only complication they have experienced from its use is nasal congestion.

For now, these scientists still need to show that their version of the vaccine works, but the website says "Our vaccine se administered nasally and is therefore designed to trigger an immune response of the mucosa at the main virus entry sites into the body (nose and lungs). Our preliminary trials have shown positive indications, but require continuous confirmation."

While experts from around the world are working to develop their own versions, this vacuna was released under a Creative Commons, which states that "you are free to share (copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format), and adapt (fork, alter and develop) the material for any purpose".

If this vaccine works, it would certainly be a major step forward in the issue of pandemic control, but before you go out to buy the ingredients, you should keep in mind that the tests are not finished and that there is no guarantee that it will be effective. You might want to wait for a FDA approved version.