This fall there will be two eclipses and one will be seen in Mexico


By CAPosts 23 September, 2020 - 05:30pm 39 views

© Provided by UnoTV This fall an eclipse will be seen in Mexico. This fall 2020 two eclipses will occur in the northern hemisphere of the planet and one of them can be seen in Mexico. Pre-threshold eclipse It is a lunar eclipse that takes place when the Moon passes through the partial shadow of the Earth , generating a darkening of the satellite. This prenumbral eclipse will be visible on November 30 in Oceania, Asia and America , so that in Mexican territory it can be seen between 1:32 and 3:43 hours. Total solar eclipse This type of eclipse occurs when the Earth, the Moon and the Sun align perfectly , making the Moon block the entire surface of the Sun. It will be seen on December 14 specifically in the South Pacific, Chile, Argentina and the South Atlantic. It will also be seen partially in the Pacific, S ur of South America and Antarctica. What happens at the equinoxes? The equinoxes are the times of the year when the Sun is in the plane of the celestial equator. The spring equinox occurs between March 19 and 21 and the autumn equinox occurs between September 21 and 24. Autumn Equinox 2020 Autumn 2020 in the Northern Hemisphere began this September 22 at 8:30 a.m. and the season will last 89 days and 20 hours, since it will end on December 21 with the arrival of winter. As in each of the seasons, the beginning of autumn varies each year, in the northern hemisphere it begins with the autumn equinox, the dates of this astronomical phenomenon are usually between September 21 and 24. So officially fall 2020 began with the fall equinox on Tuesday, September 22, and will end on Monday, December 21, when we welcome winter. The new Microsoft EdgeGet the latest Microsoft recommended browser