A 9-1 against the bolt


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It was the second day of the 67-68 League and Madrid received Real, promoted to First after five years in Second. His return was well received: it was a classic. Even today, among the only nine teams that were always in first or second, never below: Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic, always in the front, more athletic, Espanyol, Valencia, Sevilla, Real Sociedad and Real had Sporting.

The earned a seal years ago: that of being the bolt team. It began when Benito Díaz, who spent the war in France, brought the WM from Girondins, which delayed a means of defense. From there, the Real would evolve into a much commented lock, converted in spite of itself into a hallmark. For the Madrid of the great years it was always a bone; in Madrid because of the bolt and in Atocha because the field was muddy. Di Stéfano even suspected that they were placing a double rubber chamber on the ball to make it weigh more

Now it was another Madrid, without the Santamarías , Di Stéfano and Puskas . A young and renewed Madrid, ye-yé , European champion 16 months before. This was the second day, presentation at the Bernabéu. And the first outing of the Real, very renewed too. I was no longer the central Ansola nor Peporro and Galardi means or expedited Gordejuela, to which Di Stéfano called barreboinas because so abruptly cleared off bounds to the ball caused a riot of chapelas.

The mystery of Pastor and Cup Internacional Bican, the scorer lost after the smoke of the war Levante vindicates the Copa España Libre

They were not there, but the legend remained. And his coach, the former player Elizondo, does not shy away: "There will be a bolt," he assures in the previous interview in Marca .

The Madridista comes wondering how the ye-yés will face the old problem that more than once has stuck to their glorious predecessors. Of those only Gento remains, who will be missing tonight. He is replaced by his eternal substitute, Manolín Bueno, a magnificent winger who languished in his shadow for 12 years.

La Real goes out with: Zubiarrain; Gorriti, Martínez, Ormaechea; Sagasta, Lema; Urreisti, Arzac, Arregui, Mendiluce and Boronat. Madrid with: Junquera; Calpe, De Felipe, Sanchís; Pirri, Zoco; Miguel Pérez, Amancio, Grosso, Velázquez and Bueno. Good entry, good terrain, good warm night in Madrid in September. Madrid, champion of the previous League, has just won 0-2 in Seville. La Real, to beat Pontevedra del Hai 1-0 in Atocha that gnawed at it . Short victory, but prestigious

The game begins with Madrid's offensive against a wall, but in the 8 'a ball of goals in the area bounces off a lot of legs and Amancio is frank, who scores 1-0 . La Real does not open and Madrid returns again and again to the charge, looking for cracks that do not appear. Velázquez, Pirri and Grosso, who make up the Madrid game, play marvelously. Sanchís supports them with his raises on the band, and the three from above rehearse their dribbles over and over again. But nothing happens until 42 ′. A diagonal center from Sanchís is headed by Pirri, half back, above Zubiarrain. 2-0. And on the way back, surprise, the Real opens in search of a match from you to you. With ground ahead, he shows all the brilliance of that Madrid ye-yé , which in those 45 minutes will make an unforgettable display. In the 52 ', Bueno starts dribbling three and scores 3-0. At 55 ′, a clearance by Zoco was hunted by Amancio, he overtook Miguel Pérez and he scored 4-0.

And the best: three goals from Velázquez in 56 ′, 64 ′ and 73 ′, almost identical: arrivals by the alley of ten, their natural territory, culminated with perfection and smoothness as soon as they step on the area (the genuine hat trick . The English created the expression for the one who scores three goals in a row, without any being inserted, neither as a teammate nor as a rival )

La Real insists and finally Mendiluce hunts the goal of honor in the 75th minute. 7-1. But Pirri will still score, in 77 ′ and Amancio will close, from a penalty, in 89 ′. Nine goals to Real, never seen before. The second part, with seven plus that of Mendiluce against it, will remain to be remembered as the masterpiece of that Madrid ye-yé that so worthily replaced the generation of monsters.

Benito Díaz, the old Uncle Benito , was at the Bernabéu . They asked him how this Real was like his. "In the uniform," he said. Elizondo commented that never in his 15 years at La Real had he seen anything like this: "This is not La Real, the boys have played cowering." In Madrid there is no time for celebration. Freshly showered, they return to the Navacerrada concentration camp, because the next day they have to fly to Amsterdam, to visit Ajax.

Left behind the myth of the bolt turned to ash.

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