A pine tree crosses Jon Rahm's path in Augusta


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Don't trust Augusta. Never turn your back on him. The trap can wait in any corner. A pine, for example. Hole 8, a par five. When you least expect it. Jon Rahm was fighting in the match with the number one in the world, Dustin Johnson, trying not to lose his trace in the classification on the third day of the Masters, when from the center of the fairway he dug his feet to deliver the second blow. It looked like a manual shot, but the ball took off parallel to the ground, without taking off, until it surfed a hill and lost itself among the trees. In that mousetrap, the Basque looked for an escape between two pines. Another disappointment. The ball bounced off a log and was lost in the bushes. Rahm came out of the mud with a double bogey and puffing from the bad drink. He closed the first nine holes of that third round with one up on the day.

Once again, Barrika's ability to concentrate was being tested. That he was not going to lower his arms was clear, although it is difficult to play with the nightmare so recent. He missed a birdie putt at 11, didn't squeeze par-five on 13, and finally smiled with a good second shot and putt on 14 for birdie , followed by another at 15. And another at 16. Resurrection? The problems were not over. To the bunker on the 18th tee, then lost the green and missed the putt . Three errors and a bogey to close the lap in par, the first without winning the field after nine in a row. If he made a hole, he would have equaled the all-time record of 10: Tiger between 2000 and 2002. He was left without that luxury and with -9 going seven strokes behind the leader, Dustin Johnson. The American is four ahead of the Korean Im, the Mexican Ancer and the Australian Cameron Smith. A very international salad.

Rahm is used to getting up early, standing no later than seven in the morning, time he takes the opportunity to write a diary or to disconnect while washing the dinner plates. This time he had had to set the alarm clock too high. At seven thirty, with a scratchy cold, he was kicking a meter from a hole at 13 Augusta. Thus, suddenly, to be co-leader of the Masters. The Basque boarded and completed the remaining five holes of his second day, still delayed due to Thursday's deluge, at par. He recovered with an illustrious chip a bad third shot past the green in 15, and in 18 he kicked "scared". Those greens already looked more like the Augusta greens , harder and faster in April than this past November over water. With that service record, the third round started amid fierce competition. He didn't know a Georgia pine was waiting for him as he chased after Dustin Johnson.

Number One started off with both feet on the gas. His eagle on 2 made the silence rumble. In any year, the roar of the fans would have been heard even in the clubhouse bathroom. Without an audience, just a few timid applause from the small quartermaster that accompanies the players. Bleak Masters. With -7 in the round and -16 in the accumulated, Johnson has in hand to achieve the lowest score in the history of the Masters, the -18 (270 strokes) of Tiger in 1997 and Jordan Spieth in 2015. what became of Tiger? He needed to roll up his sleeves at the cruising speed of those guys who have grown up watching his exploits. But the fifth gear did not enter a body too punished. Seven pairs and a bogey in the first eight holes forced him to look at the head of the table with binoculars. Tiger turned his nose, disappointed. Augusta winked at him (they are many years together) with a ball that bounced off a tree to approach the green . And he outwitted him with a bogey at 11, Amen Corner. The putts did not fall, without that ingredient does not come out the recipe for the Masters champion. The myth closed the round with the pair on the day for -5 in total. Little loot. This Sunday he will have to shed the green jacket that he loves so much. He has spent 19 months admiring her in the closet. In six (if the pandemic allows it), you will have a chance to claim it.

And what happened to Bryson DeChambeau? There is no doubt that the boy with the muscles of steel has attracted attention, and that he has thrown some balls never seen before in the prairies of Augusta. Some even going over the trees. The question was where those missiles landed, and many times it was in swampy lands. No player like him has allowed television production to recreate itself in the trees and bushes on both sides of the street. With the rope cut across his neck, DeChambeau reacted at the restart of his second round with four birdies over five holes. It served him the blow of the kidneys to overcome the bar. But the bad face did not go away. He was dizzy, he said, and his stomach hurt. The covid test was done. Negative. To continue with the third round. In the reset, it was not the superman who had announced with great fanfare: -3 on the day and on the global. As far from the leader as his ball has flown

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