Alarm in Barcelona for Pique


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She bit her lower lip in pain and shook in disbelief as tears welled up in her eye sockets. Gerard Piqué, a 33-year-old center-back who at 20 had already won everything except the Confederations Cup —and he will stay that way—, understood that for the first time in his career he had been seriously injured. Or so it seemed because his knee had cracked . Although it may not be so dramatic, since the first examination that the Barcelona doctors made him spoke of a knee sprain, so he could return within two months.

It was in a fortuitous action, one of those that did not They are understood no matter how much you look for an explanation. Alba threw Correa off balance when he sisarle the ball and, in his fall, the Atlético striker beat himself on the right knee of the central defender, who quickly raised his hand asking for medical assistance. He got up, barely able to put his foot down, and assumed there was nothing left but change. Quite a slap for Piqué and for Barça, short of centrals as it goes. “I don't know what he has… We have to wait and see what happens. I have seen that a lot of damage has been done, but I have not been able to talk to the doctor or him, ” Koeman resolved. "Hopefully it will be as little as possible," Pedri added at the end of the match, the only one to speak because three captains out of four are injured and Messi lavishes little, also because Lenglet did not want to speak and it was up to the young man to return from the dressing room to the grass to attend the cameras

With Umtiti on the rebound indefinitely - although from Barça they point out that after two years without hardly playing he has been put in the hands of the club's doctors and not his personal doctors - the team is lame in centrals . A deficiency that Koeman asked to remedy in summer. "We're going a little short in that position," he agreed. But the sports area could not sign Eric García (Manchester City), denied in the absence of a quarter of an hour for the closing of the market for two million euros. Thus, without Umtiti or Piqué, only Lenglet remains as the center-back of the first team, even if Araujo lives and competes at the Camp Nou and not in the sports city. A central as fast as he is fast, although less skilled at playing from the root. A condition demanded by Koeman, which is why he places De Jong in the center of the rear. " Araujo I don't think he will arrive for next week," lamented Koeman, who did not even mention Umtiti.

The only occasion in which Piqué was seriously injured was in April 2014, precisely against Atlético. It was in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, when Diego Costa also fell on his body, at that time to move his hip out of place. An injury that led him to abuse because he tried to play the following games to make up a horrible course - then with Martino on the bench - and from which he did not recover until several months later. Now, however, he will have no choice but to take the crutches and look at it from the sidelines as it seems that it will also be Sergi Roberto , also injured against Atlético. "

. Thus, while waiting for the official status of Piqué's injury, De Jong has a few games left ahead of Ter Stegen.

“A big team can never fit in like this”

Precisely, it wasn't a good game for Marc-André either Ter Stegen , who in the intermission headed towards the dressing room tunnel the last one, with his gaze forward, his head held high and his jaw clenched, the living expression of the goalkeeper's loneliness after the blunder that both Atlético cost and the defeat del Barcelona.

The play was very strange, as childish for Barcelona as simple for Atlético . A clearance from the red-and-white rear ended in Piqué, who lost control and Correa converted it into a pass to Carrasco, who was already running towards the opposite goal. Ter Stegen saw it late, who was playing early and made a mistake when measuring the times, when trying to sisar the ball. I break with a pipe included, look ahead and go to the Belgian's net to complete the slap to Ter Stegen, aware that there is no error that penalizes more in football than that of the goalkeeper. “They mark us before the break and it's a bad minute for the team mentally. It has been decisive in the game, ” Pedri said. “The way we have conceded the goal is worrying. A big team can never fit in in the 46th minute, with the ball at their feet and after a loss, "wielded Koeman, annoyed with the team's performance in La Liga, lost in the middle of the table. “I am not worried about the championship. Although we know that we need a series of won matches ”, defended the Barça coach.

Ter Stegen failed last night but Barça lost their center-back. From the Camp Nou they hope that the dear and deceased Tito Vilanova will make a mistake in that sentence that is still heard in the corridors of the sports city: "Without Piqué the invention falls."

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