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Jump by jump, to the rhythm of only those who are different, Carlos Alcaraz travels there where he invites you to imagine his brilliant youth tennis. If last year he already took several considerable steps , achieving his first professional victory on the ATP circuit and closing the season among the top 150 on the list, this 2021 starts with even better vibrations. This Wednesday, Alcaraz beat Bolivian Hugo Dellien (6-2 and 6-3, in 83 minutes) and thus achieved access to the Australian Open, to be held in Melbourne from February 8 to 21. That is to say, with only 17 years old and already being noticed, the Spanish will enjoy his first Grand Slam.

Carlos Alcaraz, the light for tomorrow's tennis This is Carlos Alcaraz, the jewel of Spanish tennis

Alcaraz continues burning stages and giving steps at a speed more than considerable. Under the tutelage of Juan Carlos Ferrero, his coach, the Murcian continues to enter the field of the elite under the watchful eye of specialists, who consider him the best tennis player with the greatest projection of his generation. It was uncovered a little over a year ago, when he beat Albert Ramos in the arena of Rio de Janeiro , and was consolidating his growth in the difficult territory of the challenger; He won three titles (Trieste, Barcelona and Alicante) and headed into the new year with the firm intention of prolonging the climb to higher heights. "To be among the top 50," says his coach.

Last October, Alcaraz was on the verge of playing his first major, in Paris, but there his nerves betrayed him in the first stop of the classification. This time, however, everything has gone smoothly in Doha, where the men's preview of the Australian Open takes place due to pandemic issues. The Murcian surpassed the three required rounds and will parade happily through the cement of Melbourne, with only 17 years old. That was how old Rafael Nadal was when he first broke into a scenario of maximum relief, Wimbledon (2003) in the case of the Balearic.

This Wednesday he beat Dellien, a 27-year-old Bolivian who two ago progressed to the second Roland Garros stop and managed to appear in the 72nd rung of the ATP. Before Alcaraz, however, he could do little. The Spaniard, always incisive and with a richer record than the one assumed by the national tennis player , signed five consecutive breaks (losing service once on the way) and sealed his ticket to the Melbourne major , where he will travel this Thursday to enter the Australian bubble and acclimatize to a new dimension. Alcaraz grows and grows, already ranked 135th in the world ranking.

He will be accompanied by Mario Vilella from Elche, who recently shared training sessions with Novak Djokovic in Marbella and this Wednesday beat Wu Tung-Lin (4-6, 7-5 and 6-4) to achieve the pass for the second consecutive year.

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