Argentina, a tsunami of silence and anguish


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Argentina entered this Wednesday into a pandemic of sadness. The death of Diego Armando Maradona , a soccer player turned national hero, has caused a trail of grief and mourning through the streets of Buenos Aires and the rest of the country. It was as if a part of Argentina was turned off with its idol. The Government has decreed three days of mourning and the fans of the Maradonian church have called for a concentration tonight in the Buenos Aires Obelisk, the epicenter of the great Argentine demonstrations, waiting for the confirmation of the place where the wake will take place .

Photogallery: The life of Diego Armando Maradona

“Diego will be one of those characters that never dies. It has been immense and it filled us with joy ”, said this afternoon the president of the country, Alberto Fernández , who at the same time described as“ incredible ”that the death of the idol occurred on November 25, the same day of the death of the greatest reference Maradona's politician, Cuban leader Fidel Castro .

At noon on Wednesday, minutes after the media and social networks began to confirm the news, a strange tsunami of silence and anguish began to sweep through the country's cities . "Is it true that Maradona died?", The older people dared to ask with disbelief the younger ones, whom they saw connected to mobile devices.

Middle-aged people, the Maradona generation who saw him in the splendor of Mexico 86 , was the most shaken by shock. Boys sitting on the curbs of the sidewalks, with their lost looks or tears in their eyes, became a postcard easy to detect in a Buenos Aires in which even the horns of the taxi drivers stopped sounding.

“It's the biggest of history, and it is ours, ”he said in the present tense, as if he did not accept his death or as if he welcomed immortality, a fan of Argentinos Juniors, in front of the stadium where Maradona made his debut in the First Division, in 1976.

Not knowing where to go, or waiting for the hour of the most massive gathering at the Obelisk, many Argentines began to gather in different parts of the city. “We can't even hug each other,” complained a fan, wearing a mask, referring to the protocols to avoid getting coronavirus.

While some candles were lit in front of the Diego Maradona stadium - precisely that of Argentinos -, another supporter with The shirt of the Argentine team went to the door of the closed neighborhood where Maradona died, 50 kilometers north of Buenos Aires, and could barely articulate a sentence before beginning to cry. "Cosmic kite [comet], fly in peace," he said, referring to the radio story that described his second goal against England in Mexico 86.

"Argentina without God", could be read on the screen of the Crónica TV channel, while one of his teammates from the Argentine world champion team, Sergio Batista, used a very Maradonian phrase to refer to the death of the idol. "I am destroyed, with a bullet in the chest," said who just succeeded Maradona as coach of the national team, in 2011.

Another of the champions of Mexico 86, Oscar Ruggeri, learned of Maradona's death when he was on the air In a television program. After the journalist reported the death - "they tell me that Diego did not resist" - the one who was a defender said: "It cannot be, it cannot be." Former Argentina coach César Luis Menotti, who made Maradona debut in the national team in 1977, when Diego was only 17 years old, used similar words: “I am destroyed.”

In the midst of mourning, the team of Maradona's heart, Boca Juniors , present in Brazil to play tonight the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores against Inter from Porto Alegre, asked Conmebol that the match be postponed. The South American soccer authorities accepted the request of the Argentine team and the match will be played on December 2.

In the midst of mourning, what was clear was that a large part of Argentina was preparing for a Wednesday when hundreds of thousands will sleep very little bit. The farewell to Maradona will last several days. Two of its clubs, Argentinos and Boca, offered their stadiums for a wake that will be massive.

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