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A Madrid that was racing for the derby next Sunday at the Metropolitano was blinded by the Real , which did not provide as well as it should. The coaches had a lot to do with it. Real commanded when Casemiro was embedded between the centrals and gave flight to the adversary during twenty minutes of the second half (0-1). La Real was in command when their coach ordered the reverse gear (1-1) . It was not the day of the board and Madrid was as short as its rival

Nothing supports Real, a team with enormous potential, better than their attack. It is their bliss. Until Zidane ordered the defensive commotion with Casemiro, it was not in Valdebebas, where the San Sebastian team remained flat until then. Silva had observatory, but no tact. Oyarzabal had a panoramic view, reiterative in the losses, give him that, one after another. Turning off the effervescent Portu, a drip of Isak and nothing else. Without offensive beatitudes, the Real stuck to the defensive catalog. At times, too defensive, with Imanol's team more enchanted than convenient.

RMA1-1RSOReal MadridCourtois, Ferland Mendy, Nacho, Varane, Lucas Vázquez, Kroos, Modric (Federico Valverde, min. 75), Casemiro, Marco Asensio ( Rodrygo, min. 60), Isco (Vinicius Junior, min. 60) and Mariano (Hugo Duro, min. 60) R. Society Remiro, Robin Le Normand, Igor Zubeldia, Monreal, Gorosabel (Modibo Sagnan, min. 81), Oyarzabal, Portu (Ander Barrenetxea, min. 71), Ander Guevara, Martín Zubimendi, David Silva (Aihen Muñoz, min. 84) and Isak (Carlos Fernández, min. 81) Goals0-1 min. 54: Portu. 1-1 min. 88: Vinicius Junior. RefereeJesús Gil ManzanoYellow cardsGorosabel (min. 75)

It was perceived by Madrid, with encyclopedic people to detect the weaknesses of others. Casemiro and Modric poked the visitors with shots beyond the border of the area. The Real was encapsulated so much that there was landscape to set up the shot. Lucas was also rowing, whom Oyarzabal tracked with his eyes, without tonnage. An adventure by the Galician side resulted in a header from Mariano that bounced off Gorosabel's neck before being spat out by the crossbar. Asensio came to the rejection, frustrated by Le Normand, who acted as a barricade.

pressed the Real, more bony. And there were no crushes of the Real, neat with the protocol Guevara to get closer to its distinguished attackers, but without a thread of these, challenged by the local rear. With numerical superiority in the midfield, and with Madrid somewhat broken in the axis, Imanol's men had horizons. But nothing. Not a shiver against Courtois in the entire first act. Assault by assault, each Madridista was imposing on his opponent. Another tooth. Without boasting, but firmly, Zidane's group had the governance throughout the first period, even though there were hardly any crumbs from Mariano. The plot was the business of the classics, Kroos, Casemiro and Modric . And some traces of Isco.

The second half opened with another perspective. La Real already had another tusk, another plug. He noticed that Casemiro, who knows the cause, was backing off between the center-backs, leaving Kroos and Modric out in the open and stretching the white ranks more than necessary. Madrid gave clues and Real no longer splashed. Another decision. Another hierarchy. Chilean Monreal almost scored just before the winger screwed the ball around the head of the shortest player in the contest. The same was true. Mendy, without a chain, was late and Portu caught a complex but wonderful header. With the visiting team unleashed, Isak lacked a little finger to reach a serve from Portu. Madrid gone, Zidane intervened. It is already customary.

For the third consecutive game he sent the attacking trio to hell and played back Vinicius, the reappeared Rodrygo and Hugo Duro. By then, the encounter was no longer articulated by Kroos and Modric. The crash was at Silva's feet, at the feet of the Guevara clinician. Madrid was only ready for bugle calls. With more sleeves than football, in search of some discharge from his best striker these days: Casemiro, a guy who deforests the area when it burns . A couple of head butts went away for a fourth.

Imanol responded to Zidane with a rearmament of the rear with three centrals. Batteries facing an increasingly forced Madrid, increasingly limited to charges in any way on Remiro's ranch. Bad decision that of the realistic technician, who preferred to lead his people to the trench rather than give the last straw. In Madrid the games are long, very long. Vinicius made him pay for it with a very Vinicius goal, a shot with a confused direction deflected by Zubeldia. There was a blink and no one was satisfied with Valdebebas. Real will tell that a point against Madrid is not a bad booty. He could aspire to much more. Real will count that, at least, they rescued one point - they will reach the derby five from Atlético and with one more game. He should have aspired to much more. But it was not the night of the pizarreros.

26 white auctions to the sticks this course

First Mariano, then Asensio and then Varane. In one breath, the three Madrid players crashed into Real Sociedad's goal posts, thus gaining the statistic that places the Whites as the team that has seen their goal aspirations slowed the most by splinters. Zidane's group has accumulated up to 16 shots at the sticks in the League this season, with 12 for Atlético and 10 for Barcelona, Celta, Eibar and Villarreal. In the major leagues, the record is equaled by Milan and West Ham , and only two teams surpass it, curiously the two French, PSG and Olympique de Lyon, both with 19. The white streak is not only a matter of league competition. On 10 other occasions the ball has sounded against the goalkeeper's wood rival: seven in the Champions League, two in the Spanish Super Cup and one in the Copa del Rey. In total, 26 Madrid shots to the sticks so far this season.

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