Barca has fun without Messi


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Barça have fun when Messi rests. It is not that on the 10 but that his absence favors the team in inconsequential matches such as those played in Kiev and Budapest. Nobody has to notice the Rosario, no footballer is pending on the captain's court, and the game flows collectively, naturally and not at all forced, the Catalans are far superior to medium-length rivals like Dinamo or Ferencváros. Barcelona beats in the Champions League without Messi.

Barça has added the full points while waiting to receive Juve. And then, to overtake Cristiano Ronaldo's team and sign the top spot in the group - he can afford to lose by a difference of two goals - he may need Messi. And the Rosario will be cooler after reserving strength in matches like the one played at the Puskas Arena. Koeman knows how to treat Messi when joke matches are played in Europe, nothing to do with the rounds of eighth and quarterfinals, Barcelona's cross.

FER0-3BCNFerencvarosDibusz, Miha Blazic, Abraham Frimpong, Endre Botka, Dvali, Marcel Heister Gergö Lovrencsics, min. 63), Isael, Dávid Sigér (Aissa Laidouni, min. 63), Myrto Uzuni (Roko Baturina, min. 70), Somália (Kharatin, min. 80) and Tokmac Nguen (Mak, min. 70) BarcelonaNeto, Sergiño Dest, Alba (Júnior Firpo, min. 45), Óscar Mingueza, Clement Lenglet (Aleñá, min. 64), Trincão, Busquets (Frenkie De Jong, min. 45), Pjanić, Ousmane Dembélé, Griezmann (Ricard Puig , min. 64) and Braithwaite (Konrad Dela-Fuente, min. 79) Goals0-1 min. 13: Griezmann. 0-2 min. 19: Braithwaite. 0-3 min. 27: Ousmane Dembélé. Referee Aleksey Kulbakov Yellow cards David Sigér (min. 27), Busquets (min. 29), Griezmann (min. 52) and Trincão (min. 69)

Pedri, the player who gives life to the team, was not at the start either, very grateful in his absence of the injured Ansu Fati. Not Coutinho. And, instead, Lenglet came out, who was supposed to be in the infirmary after he bent an ankle against Osasuna. It was not easy to find the starting team if you take care of the range of footballers looking for an opportunity, train together with Mess i, and the insignificance of the match compared to the demands of LaLiga.

Koeman's lineups give so much play that Barça seems have a wide and rich squad when the reality is that the surpluses are concentrated in the midline and the front and on the other hand, it barely has centrals and has no more striker than Braithwaite due to Ansu Fati's injury. The Danish is today the reference for starters and substitutes, whether the team plays with or without wingers, a blessing in any case for Griezmann's movements

<The Frenchman plays happy and liberated behind the 9, an infallible finisher since he passed through the Valdano's confessional, scorer in the last three appointments, decisive also at Puskas' home. That clumsy player who did not manage to push the ball over the goal line is now a daring and delicate striker, capable of attacking and hitting a cross at the near post by Jordi Alba, always deep down the left side of Barça. Griezmann-Braithwaite

Griezmann opened the scoring and shortly after Braithwaite scored, brave and quick on arrival to hole the center of Dembélé, also rescued in Budapest. The Griezmann-Braithwaite couple dismantled Fe Rencváros and finished the excellent Barça choral football. The Catalans widened the court to play with rhythm and precision, well positioned and dynamic, constantly swapping positions, undetectable for the Rebrov boys.

Before half an hour the score was already unequivocal: 0-3. Braithwaite did not stop attacking and offering passing lanes for the second row, even for Trincão, Barcelona's shyest player. The striker won the position to Frimpong and the referee whistled a penalty that Dembélé transformed by courtesy of Braithwaite himself. Open to the left, the French winger opened behind Ferencváros.

The Hungarian team did not have time to step on the opposite field and demand the delicate Barcelona defense and substitute goalkeeper Neto. The circulation of the ball was as high as the intensity and pressure of Barcelona. Nobody paid attention to the result but the Catalans did not give themselves a break, as if the match was still open and the classification was uncertain, fluid and always ready to finish the play against Dibusz.

Once the break was reached, the entertainment was over with the wheel of changes, especially significant at Barça. Koeman even rolled Junior, Aleñá and Riqui Puig. The team was led by Dembélé, captain and owner of the game, excellent with his changes of rhythm, also assistant to Trin cão. The Portuguese missed a sung goal before Dembélé also got tangled up in a tuya-mía with Riqui Puig. There was no doubt, it was a goal or a goal and, however, the French and the Catalan did not understand each other, possibly unplugged, practically inconsequential in playful days like Budapest

There was no way that Barça scored, because Dembélé is not Griezmann nor Braithwaite, and instead Neto avoided the goal of honor from Ferencváros. The best way to guarantee the defense of survival of youth and recreational Barcelona. Having secured his place in Europe, now LaLiga awaits him, a competition in which he is in tow and with the hook on, in need of the best version of Messi.

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