Big storm in Augusta


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The poster announced Bryson DeChambeau as the main fighter of the evening. American, 27 years old, the biggest puncher on the circuit, terror of Augusta. He raised his fists DeChambeau, a sack of muscle, and hit, boy did he hit, even if some of his long-awaited bullets ended up in the air. The Masters finally opened the doors of green heaven (it seemed that it would never start; the seven-month delay in the calendar due to the pandemic was joined by the three-hour interruption due to rain shortly after starting), and under its spotlights unleashed the real storm. An army marches in search of the green jacket. Paul Casey was a metronome with five birdies and an eagle to sign -7, Tiger Woods made it clear that they will have to kill him a thousand times no matter how much his bones hurt (-4), Jon Rahm knows that this is his, and he doesn't want to let it escape not once more (-3), DeChambeau mixed the fine and the thick (-2) ... The Masters has been made to wait. It was worth it.

That Jon Rahm is ripe to win the Masters was seen in the first round. After losing the fairway on the 11th hole (his second of the day, he started on the 10th), he loaded very soon with a bogey to which he added another on the next hole, in the heart of an empty and sad Amen Corner, missing a short putt . Her hot blood might have made him lose perspective at another time. No longer. At the age of 26 on Tuesday, Rahm plays with the passion of the aspirant and the patience of who has been number one in the world. It only took a stroke to straighten the course. The exit of 13. Par five. The Basque played it with a squad and caught the redeeming birdie . Hell out. Rahm doesn't bend in bad times.

The first nine holes were closed with a fist closed by another birdie and in the second round came the explosion. His second shot on hole 2 earned him a privileged spot among the best of the day. Heading to the flag for the eagle . With morale soaring, he accelerated with another lesson from the fairway at 3 to further lower the score. And although he discounted a stroke in the 7 (missed putt , bogey ) and did not serve par five of the 8, he is sitting in the noble zone. They are already eight rounds in a row falling below par at Augusta. Much credit. "There have been many ups and downs, but I'm happy, it's a good start to the tournament. I would have signed it before the start of the day," he analyzed.

Rahm had the front row for the DeChambeau show. The gunner appeared with a deviated aim. And power no control ... As an example hole 13. A bad start was followed by another bad shot, the ball lost in the bushes and double bogey . Without the maps of greens that are not allowed in Augusta, and that the American knows how to read like no one else , he lacked security. Even so, he left two right hands to take out the binoculars. On hole 5 he sent the ball to 317 meters. In hole 9, to 333. Even the television cameras had difficulty following the missile through the sky. Along with Rory McIlroy and Cameron Champ, in the court of the biggest punchers. His penance, which only took eight streets of 14 (57%), by 12 of 14 of Rahm (85%).

For now, the jacket is from Tiger, firm as an oak. No hassle from the start, good recoveries, reliable in the short game, no bogey for the first time in his last 106 rounds in a big game. And smiling a lot during the day. It is the magic of Augusta.

Complete classification after the first day.

A drainage like that of Bayern

Augusta doesn't look like Augusta. It's not April but November, and the azaleas that only bloom in spring are gone, leaving the Masters without its explosion of color. The trees are not green postcards, but an ocher and reddish hue paints a melancholic landscape, sadder still for the lack of fans, only the golfers accompanied by some journalists and relatives. It is played in the middle of a cemetery silence. The Masters looks like a silent movie. To make matters worse, a deluge dyes the atmosphere even more gray. The waterspout is such first thing in the morning that the whole day seems in danger. Not in Augusta. “This is the most prepared field there is,” explains Daniel Carretero, who for two years worked in the select team of greenkeepers in charge of caring for this open-air museum. “What you see is a spectacular field, but underneath there is another wonder. Even CBS has millions of buried cables. The greens have drainage on all sides. It is like a soccer field. Augusta has a hydronic system like that of the Bayern Munich stadium. Heats the subfloor. Air is expelled, which with the heat of the water in the pipes makes the greens recover as much as possible ”, says Carretero, who after his master's degree in Augusta worked taking care of the grass of the Las Palmas stadium. Even so, the downpour was noticeable. The ball stopped when kicking, did not roll in the fairways and stayed stuck in sand traps. “In cases like this, the main concern in Augusta is maintaining the bunkers. The sand on the walls is moved downwards and then with shovels it has to be placed on top and with special rakes it is removed. This makes the sand more grainy, like balls ”. It was a lesser evil after a very rough start.

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