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The saddest day of the year, they say, is the third Monday in January, but for Alavés, the duel lasted 24 hours more, until the match against Sevilla ended, which ended with the fatality of missing a penalty in the last sigh. Bono saved two points for his team; Joselu, a regular Vitorian plunger, gave Abelardo the second big upset.

Alavés was injured by Almería's defeat that left him out of the Cup, the match against Sevilla could not have started worse. Lopetegui and Abelardo had hugged each other hard before the start, but as the distrustful assure, the more intense the hug, the deeper the stab, sporty in this case, and the Sevilla players nailed a rapier to Pacheco in minute 3 .

ALA1-2SEVAlavésPacheco, Laguardia, Rubén Duarte, Ximo Navarro, Lejeune, Pina (Manu García, min. 86), Luis Rioja (Jota, min. 68), Martín Aguirregabiria (Borja Sainz, min. 62), Rodrigo Battaglia, Joselu and Edgar Méndez (Deyverson, min. 68) Sevilla Bounou, Jules Koundé, Sergi Gómez, Jesús Navas, Marcos Acuña, Joan Jordán (Gudelj, min. 77), Fernando, Rakitic, Youssef En-Nesyri (Franco Vázquez, min. 91 ), Suso (Óliver Torres, min. 91) and Lucas Ocampos (Luuk de Jong, min. 62) Goals0-1 min. 2: Youssef En-Nesyri. 1-1 min. 11: Edgar Méndez. 1-2 min. 29: Suso. Referee Isidro Díaz de Mera Escuderos Yellow cards Lejeune (min. 47), Edgar Méndez (min. 55), Pere Pons (min. 71), Youssef En-Nesyri (min. 80), Bounou (min. 88) and Jesús Navas (min. 89)

It was in a Jesús Navas center that exposed the Alava defense and En-Nesyri arrived at the second, to put his team ahead. Alavés was pressing very high, but the first time Sevilla detached from the Vitorian glue, they took advantage.

As if they had thrown salt on the stab wound, Alavés reacted with fury, and it took very little time to balance the game in a long throw-in by Ximo Navarro, which Joselu did not reach, but Edgar did, to the second bounce, to overcome Bono's defective start and the defensive confusion of his teammates

He wanted to send Alavés, revitalized by the goal and the damn sevillista, but Lopetegui's men started singing, shaking off their drowsiness and balancing the game; In other words, they managed to get those at home to catch up with them, the one in the football basement. But in this situation, individual hits can tip the score to one side and the other, and that happened when Jordán gave the ball to Suso, who looked for the gap, running parallel to the front of the area. When he found it, he launched a left-footed shot that slipped through the squad.

With the score in favor and without notable alterations in the game's electrocardiogram, Sevilla was increasingly enveloping Alavés. With the ball at their feet, Lopetegui's team anesthetized the people of Vitoria, who lacked the necessary finesse to escape the trap in which, step by step, they had been being thrown.

Without news from the areas, the sevillistas suited what was happening. I mean, nothing. Just occasional skirmishes, constant turnovers, and poor accuracy. That was enough, because inspiration from Alavés was low, like the temperature in Vitoria. Such that the weather, Alava football froze the soul.

The tight score, however, forced Sevilla to take due precautions. The visiting team could have finished calmer, but the VAR detected an infraction in an own goal by Alavés, since the ball had previously hit En-Nesyri's hand.

Just a minute later, in 89, Another Sevilla player, Koundé, threw himself to the ground to clear and the leather also touched him on the arm in an action that was never whistled until the technology entered the refereeing. Joselu took the penalty and Bono guessed his intentions to block the ball. Abelardo cursed the bad fortune of his team on the bench, which lost in that action the opportunity to redeem their sins.

Source: Elpais

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