Campazzo makes the jump to the NBA and signs for the Denver Nuggets for the next two seasons


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Facundo Campazzo makes the jump to the NBA and will play the next two seasons for the Denver Nuggets. Minutes after the opening of the free agent market in the US league, ESPN confirmed the news that the player advanced to Real Madrid months ago. His 12 assists in the Whites' victory against Fenerbahçe were the culmination of his career in the Euroleague and this Sunday's game against Manresa, on the 12th day of the ACB, will be his last meeting with Laso's team. The Argentine guard, 29 years old and 1.80m, will go from generating assists for the giant Walter Tavares to doing it for Serbian center Nikola Jokic, one of the stars of the NBA. In Denver, he will compete for a gap between Monte Morris and Jamal Murray, starting point guard for Michael Malone's team, who in the Orlando bubble played the Western Conference final against the Lakers after coming back from their qualifiers against the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers . Facu leaves Madrid after winning 11 titles (two Euroleague, three Leagues, two Cups and four Super Cups) in four and a half seasons in white, with a two-year loan to UCAM Murcia in between. Two months ago, He won the Super Cup MVP award, the fourth in a row he achieved after the 2019 League and the Super Cup and the Cup last season, a symbol of his differential leadership in Laso's team. In the past World Cup in China, under the tutelage of Luis Scola, Campazzo led the Argentine team to the silver medal in a moving tribute to the golden generation in which, among other rivals, he left Jokic's Serbia on the way .

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Facundo Campazzo's sports career towards his dream of the NBA began, without knowing it, that day when his mother, María Elena Avedano, took him to the municipal sports center in Córdoba to enroll him "in whatever". He needed to channel the hyperactivity of the boy who had been diagnosed with "hyperkinetic syndrome." With barely 10 years old, Facu embraced basketball, understanding sport as an exercise in survival, fearlessness and sacrifice, always in inferiority of centimeters. “There we were all short, they didn't even give two pesos for us, but when we played against the best we beat them out of our hearts. They called me the atomic bomb ”, recalls Campazzo at every step, the fourth of five siblings, a Chacarita soccer fan and a devotee of Pablo Prigioni in his trade. With the Unión Eléctrica shirt, the club in his neighborhood, he boasted direct current and energy. In 2006, at age 15, during a tournament in Mar del Plata, he captivated Osvaldo Echeverría, Peñarol's coach, who signed him for his team, where he made a career. It did not fail. I do not stop. The boy debuted in First two years later and, in 2012, at the age of 21, he joined the Argentine expedition for the London Games. He played all eight games of the tournament, was the sixth man with the most minutes and took over when Prigioni was absent due to colic. "Campazzo is contagious because he gives his life for each ball, regardless of whether it is a game or a training session," summed up the then Argentine coach Julio Lamas.

In 2015 he arrived in Madrid sponsored by Chapu Nocioni. He had ahead of him the difficult mission of competing with “two beasts” like Sergio Llull and Sergio Rodríguez. After his first course in white, in which Laso's team won all the titles they played, Campazzo left on loan to UCAM Murcia to gain minutes and projection. In May 2016, in the first of his two years in the military there, with Fotis Katsikaris on the bench, and before facing his Real Madrid in the quarterfinal playoff of that League, Campazzo was asked about the future in general terms . "Where do you see yourself in three years?" He had just turned 25 and it was only his second year in Europe , but his response was just as fearless and determined as his game. "My wish and my dream is to play in the NBA and I am not going to stop until I get it," he answered without hesitation. He returned to Laso's command for the 2017-2018 campaign and, at this time, the Argentine genius of “1.80m being generous; being realistic 1.78 or 1.79 ”he has grown to feel, as he had dreamed, that European basketball was too small for him.

On his return to Madrid he won again all the titles and a handful of individual awards and assumed chevrons after Doncic's departure to the NBA and Llull's serious knee injury in 2017. In May of this year, after brooding over the decision during Throughout the confinement, Campazzo communicated to Madrid his firm intention to go to the NBA as soon as possible. The resistance of the white club, which was slow to get used to the idea of the news, went through referring to its exit clause of 6 million euros. Later, the uncertain panorama and the impossibility of finding a replacement for him led to the cordial entente, which led to the Argentine continuing to help his team until the opening of the transfer market in the NBA. In these months, Campazzo has been discounting, with his salary, the first payment of the exit check. The initial tranche of his annual salary for this campaign (1.8 million, reduced to 1.6 after the cut due to the pandemic) has been used to cover part of the clause. Madrid reserves a preferential option in case of return to Europe. Denver awaits you. Facundo Campazzo, trained in finding shortcuts between giants, makes his big leap. The Argentine genius, who does not take off more than five feet 10 inches from the ground, reaches the NBA.

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