Djokovic: "I use my position of privilege to help"


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Always a protagonist, whether voluntarily or not, Novak Djokovic has aroused the suspicion of some of his colleagues these days; also, that of those who scrutinize him from social networks and reproach him that, from the roof, everything looks much better. Installed in the luxurious bubble of Adelaide, little to do with what the organization of the Australian Open has raised in Melbourne to try to carry out the edition that starts on February 8, the number one faces internal criticism from a group of companions who spoil an easy attitude from his vantage point. In his attempt to defend the interests of the rest, Nole has taken another goring.

The Australian Open, or a powder keg near exploding Moyà will not travel to Australia with Nadal

While the tennis players concentrated in the three Melbourne hotels protest against the disorganization and the strict regime that they must follow during the quarantine, especially the 72 that arrived in the country from three flights in which positive were detected -at least two correspond to players, as reported by the health authorities-, those who face the double week of transition in Adelaide they enjoy a more benevolent regimen, accompanied by family members and without setbacks in the training program. Aware of this, Djokovic intervened and in an e-mail exchange with the director of the Australian major , Craig Tiley, he proposed a series of improvements to balance the situation .

Despite everything, there are not few who think that the Serbian, 33, could have applied to be in the Melbourne bubble and have renounced the privileges also enjoyed by the other two members of the men's top-3 , Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem, with their respective teams and training partners, as well like the first women's rackets: Simona Halep, Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams, the latter filling the gap for local Ashleigh Barty. All of them will participate in an exhibition between the 29th and 30th

In the same way, they also receive criticism from Australian citizens who do not understand why the protocol for tennis players should be made more flexible, taking into account the severe set of measures they have taken to adopt them for a year. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Australia has registered 909 deaths.

Tired of reproaches, the Belgrade reacted with a letter on his social networks. "My good intentions towards my colleagues in Melbourne have been misinterpreted as selfish or ungrateful. This is far from being true ”, he explains. “When I see these kinds of things, I wonder if I should just sit back and enjoy my benefits instead of paying attention to the difficulties of others. However, I always choose to do something and help despite all the consequences and misinterpretations ”, the text continues.

“ I care about my colleagues and I understand very well how this world works, and who gets more and better, and why. I have earned my own privileges through hard effort and for this reason, it is difficult for me to be a mere spectator knowing how much each help or each gesture helped me when I was small and insignificant in this world. Therefore, I use my position of privilege to help as much as I can and when necessary, ”adds Nole.

The current king of the circuit, champion of 17 grand, continues to explain his request to Tiley and appreciates the efforts of Australia to be able to celebrate the event. “I think the impression has been generated that the players, myself included, are ungrateful, weak and selfish for the opinions they have expressed during their quarantines. I am sorry that this point has been reached because I know how grateful many of them are, "he concludes before conveying his desire to join the bulk of the players in Melbourne.

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