Dmitrovic, the new LaLiga scorer


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Goalkeepers are in fashion, this has been their week. From the most modest, such as Juan José, from Alcoyano, or Ramón, from Cornellá, for their performances against Real Madrid or Barcelona , to someone better known as Marko Dmitrovic (Subotica, Serbia, 28 years old). The Eibar goalkeeper has followed in the wake of other goalkeepers who crossed the midfield line, and dared to take the penalty that put his team ahead against Atlético de Madrid .

If he perseveres, maybe he can surpass the mark of Carlos Fenoy , who in the 1976/77 season became Celta's top scorer, with five goals; four of them from penalties, and the fifth, after failing and collecting the rejection of Miguel Ángel, his Real Madrid colleague. He is the seventh goalkeeper to score a goal in LaLiga. Before, Santamaría, Fenoy, Chilavert, Prats, Nacho González and Aranzubia had done it.

Dmitrovic is also in fashion because in Seville they dream of his signing. Monchi has already moved and the destiny of the Serbian goalkeeper despite Eibar's efforts to retain him, is in Nervión. It will be another step in his career, which began at age 15 when he posed a dilemma for his parents: either they allowed him to sign for the Red Star, the team of his dreams, or he would leave home. That was how clear Marko had it, whose memory was blurred by the NATO bombings, which could be heard from afar as he hid with the rest of his family in the shelters near his grandparents' house. PP He wanted to go to Belgrade. , before the resistance of his mother and the stern gesture of his father. In the end he succeeded, through tears. "And there I had to grow up quickly," he recalls in an interview with the official Eibar channel. “I had to train and play, but also to organize myself to go to school or to clean up the house. My parents weren't there to help me, just three other teammates my age. ”

At the age of 18, I already had a record for the Red Star first team, and I knew all the lower categories of the Serbian national team, but his debut had not arrived. That thorn is still nailed by the Eibar goalkeeper. He never got to play for the team of his dreams; he had to emigrate to another historical team, the Hungarian Ujpest Dozsa. "In view of what happened next, I made a good decision." He was a year and a half and played six months as a starter. He played with the Serbian Under 21 team that defeated Spain in Cádiz. He remembers: “They had a magnificent team, with Isco, Morata, Muniain, and we eliminated them”. That match would have consequences for Dmitrovic, although not immediate.

Ujpest did not seem like their final destination either: “The captain of the team, who had been in the team for ten years, played as goalkeeper there. It was difficult to enter ”, so his next stop was England, at Charlton Athletic. “We were doing badly, although I was a starter. The coach changed and the whole team changed, I stayed out ”. So when an offer came to him from Spain, he didn't even think about it. Juan Ramón López Muñiz, Alcorcón coach, had seen the Serbian U21 team's match in Cádiz, and he was left with Dmitrovic's face.

Playing in Spain was a dream, he accepted the offer immediately. “And that's where my upward evolution began. I felt very comfortable. ”

In a month he was already communicating in Spanish with his colleagues. He started his two seasons in the Madrid team. In the last, the Alcorcón, who seemed evicted, was saved thanks to the defeat of UCAM Murcia. In March of that year, 2017, Fran Garagarza, Eibar's technical secretary, had already been interested in his signing, but Dmitrovic saw a wall ahead: Yoel and Riesgo, preferred to wait.

During his vacation in Turkey, he received a call from his representative. Eibar insisted. “It was three in the afternoon, I said yes. By eleven o'clock it was fixed. I was right with my decision. ”

flew to Bilbao, signed for the gunsmith team, returned to Turkey to rush his days off and since then he has been one of the family. "I felt very comfortable from day one." With Josu Anunzita, the goalkeeping coach, helping him in Atxabalpe's training sessions and in matches, Marko has become one of the pillars of Eibar.

And now he shoots penalties: “The idea came from Mendilibar. He had been telling me for a long time that I had to shoot penalties. Exposito failed the last one against Granada and before the match against Levante they told me that if there was a penalty I was going to shoot it ”. It was his turn against Atlético: "It's a shame because it has been useless." At his launch he did not hesitate and deceived Oblak with a strong shot: "Oblak and, in general, all goalkeepers hope that the one who shoots it, I crossed it, and I threw it to the other side" .

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