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Liverpool passed through the capital, with the brilliance of its history in tow, and Klopp felt bad that Madrid received him in Valdebebas, in which defined as a "training ground." It is true, but it is not played there to gain a competitive advantage, but to accelerate some works that will make the Bernabéu a futuristic stadium at the height of its history . The next time Liverpool visit Madrid what will look like a training ground, by contrast, will be Anfield. To stay great, my admired Klopp, you have to catch up. It hurts nobody more than Madrid to play in Valdebebas because the Bernabéu is impressive for any visitor, even without people. Liverpool was a brittle team, with individual scoring errors, far from the competitive energy that made it fearsome in recent years. In short, a presentation that did not deserve a better scenario.

The stealthy teacher

Madrid have visible talents due to speed (Vinicius) , imagination (Benzema) or skill (Asensio), players for whom one action is enough to reach big headlines. But there is a man who lacks speed, imagination and skill, but moves the team like a puppeteer. He is invisible because he is stealthy, because he does things with an astonishing naturalness and because his football lives on a continuity that statistics do not reward. All his interventions are intelligent (playing is a computer) and precise (at his feet the ball is in a safe). Walking is unchecked and the control already has a deception inside to save time. If he is harassed, he plays short, if he has a second, he serves it at 40 meters, all at a leisurely pace, like a teacher who taught to play. It is a separate spectacle to see Kroos , that intelligence that magnetizes leather, looking for him (and finding him) the return to the games.

The proper names

Bayern and PSG completed a game that even the snow painted epic. Bayern attached the bayonet to the ball and prepared to attack from start to finish. PSG rallied behind showing the survivor's stoic virtues and hoping that, sooner or later, they would put the knife of the counterattack. It was one of those games that show that football is nothing without proper names. Bayern, with their heroic insistence, needed 31 shots to score two goals. The attitude, effort, performance and ambition were impeccable, but with each approach to goal the entire team mourned Lewandowski's widowhood. For their part, PSG resisted like a proud small team, but they arrived four times and scored three goals because the enormous talent of Neymar and Mbappé does not go through the bush. Paris will see the exciting rematch between the game and the marksmanship

Short-term football

Pandemic football familiarized us with the ups and downs. Those of Atlético de Madrid were so great that the "alti" made him champion in January and the "low" has him very worried in April. The ups and downs of Barcelona and Madrid occurred in different cycles, so that now they are reunited with a League that they had given up for lost, a situation that will put the championship in its most exciting state: the dramatic. On this day the pursuers face the obligation to accelerate and the risk of braking. A classic without a favorite that only suits the third party, who will see how one (or both) will loosen in the chase. Then, there will still be a century left in which every week we will award the League to one or the other, as if a party were capable of passing judgment. This is football, that game of ups and downs that triggers definitive opinions that last seven days.

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