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It is April 9 and in Augusta, as happens at Roland Garros in June with Rafa Nadal and before on the Tour with Indurain in July, the Spanish champion is celebrated. Severiano Ballesteros would have turned 64 this Friday, and it has been almost 10 (May 7) since his death left golf without a genius. At the Masters , as at the British Open, Seve was pure Seve. Imaginative, brave, unique. His two green jackets and three silver mugs weren't the product of a programmed, linear, or predictable game. His strokes were born from inspiration, from how the Cantabrian master was able to visualize them when he was placed on top of the ball, not a second before. That golf no longer exists. Not at least the way Seve felt.

What would Seve think of Bryson DeChambeau, the scientist golfer who plays like he's solving an equation? The American sees diagonals, drops, degrees, watts, meters, seconds ... and with everything in the mixer, yes, it hits. His latest invention has been to line himself up with muscles to burst the ball off the tee. It cannot be said that the formula has worked badly for him (at 27 he has a big one), but he has also had some disappointment. In Augusta, for example.

DeChambeau stood up last year threatening to be Tiger in '97. The revolution stayed in the press room. It is true that he was the leader in medium distance, but also that in precision he dropped to 35th place. And in the general, to 34th. Augusta's review does not mean that the exam will be easier next time. DeChambeau kicked off this Masters with four shots over par on a very rough day, and this Friday he had to roll up those bodybuilder arms to make the cut. That his volley and serve is not a sure triumph was well drawn on hole two. Starting off, a 338-meter cannon shot. You had to use the binoculars - in the same place, Jon Rahm, who is not lazy, sent her to 293-. But on the second shot, the one that marks how the chickpeas will be played on the green, he landed in the bunker, did not sign the best start and then needed two putts to miss a par-five propitious to discount a stick on the card. From there to come back with four birdies in the last six holes. This is DeChambeau. When the pieces fit, the robot works (-1 total).

Seve would have toasted Olazabal , who fell below par in the round (-1) and at age 55 he made the cut for the first time in seven courses. Experience is gold at Augusta. Her tears of emotion, real. “This for me is a victory. I have felt very happy, at ease on the field, focused on the task, on hitting the blow that had to be hit. Behind this there is a lot of work. This winter I have worked with technology. I feel special. The course resembles how it used to be played in the nineties, the hard greens , the fairways that roll the ball ... although the years do not go by in vain. The important thing is to enjoy, and I'm really excited. I want to dedicate it to Seve and all those people who have left us in the last year. Seve would be proud. I miss him, ”said the man from Hondarribia.

That golf is neither measured nor weighed was demonstrated by Justin Rose. The Briton lowered the barbarity of nine strokes of the pair in the last 10 holes of Thursday. In the first seven on Friday, he loaded four bogeys. It can be called inspiration, and no calculation by DeChambeau or other theorists will be able to do anything to catch it. And as he left, he came back, and Rose ended the day as he started it, with -7, with an advantage over other roosters like Spieth (-5 and a Spieth finish, with three birdies from 13) and Justin Thomas (-4 ) .

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