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Granada has a head, heart, soul, self-love and a versatile and united squad around its leader, the coach, Diego Martínez, who pushes them and directs them towards success, and who makes no excuse in the stressful density of the calendar that it is making them lose troops along the way. Faced with a restrained Elche , he returned to compete and win after six league games without succeeding. And he did it with a commendable effort and suffering until the end, with Rui Costa avoiding the draw at the last gasp. The goals of Quina and Antonio Puertas left Lucas Boyé's goals to nothing in Nino's 800th game as a professional

For Granada's history this season will remain, that of their successful baptism in Europe, qualified for the round of 16 after eliminating the Naples Against Elche, Diego Martínez formed an eleven with what he could, taking into account the absences. The shortage gives opportunities to footballers like Domingos Quina, who after half an hour appeared in the Elche area and after a cut with his right hand put together a left-footed shot that avoided Edgar Badía. Second ownership of the Portuguese born in Guinea-Bissau, loaned by Watford in the winter market, and second goal after the one scored the week before against Huesca.

GRA2-1ELCGranadaRui Silva, Foulquier (Adrián Marín, min. 81), Domingos Duarte, Víctor Díaz, Nehuén Pérez, Yangel Herrera (, min. 92), Brice (Jesús Vallejo, min. 88), Domingos Quina (Fede Vico, min. 61), Kenedy, Puertas and Jorge Molina (Soldier, min. 82) ElcheEdgar , Daniel Calvo, Barragán, Gonzalo Verdú, Mojica (Josema, min. 45), Tete Morente (Emiliano Rigoni, min. 71), José Raúl Gutiérrez, Marcone, Fidel (Nino, min. 81), Guido Carrillo (Victor Rodriguez, min. 77) and Lucas Boyé Goles1-0 min. 30: Sundays Quina. 1-1 min. 39: Lucas Boyé. 2-1 min. 78: Doors. Referee Santiago Jaime Latre Yellow cards Nehuén Pérez (min. 23), Mojica (min. 33), Jorge Molina (min. 46), Josema (min. 71) and Víctor Díaz (min. 91)

Granada's goal came without until then nothing would have happened. In Nuevo Los Cármenes, Elche had a unique opportunity to come out of the relegation places, renewed in spirit with the return of Fran Escribá to the bench. But the French-green set has not undergone a great metamorphosis with him. It is worth it to be organized, and its purpose is that the parties get stuck, waiting for an isolated action or a hit of success.

But it was the disappointment of receiving Quina's goal that made Elche wake up until they found the tie ten minutes later. Lucas Boyé received his back inside the Nasrid area and, after guiding a ball rained from the sky with his chest and taking advantage of the passivity of the centrals, he crossed the ball to the base of Rui Silva's right post.

With two tank strikers, Lucas Boyé and Guido Carrillo, Elche does not linger long in the elaboration. The ball has to reach its points directly or with lateral centers. The plan from Elche made Granada uncomfortable, which had not yet found itself collectively and which individually could find the solution in an action by Fede Vico aborted by an always feline Edgar Badía.

Escribá sought depth with the entry of Rigoni. The Argentine, within two minutes of his incorporation, suffered a muscle injury and had to retire. The disarray from Elche was taken advantage of by Granada. He scored his second goal after a great combination started with a filtered pass from Domingos Duarte to Jorge Molina, who gave the ball to Foulquier's career, whose pass to the heart of the area was caught by Antonio Puertas to hole out. A bit for a hard-fought victory for Granada, like their entire season to frame.

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