Grosjean escapes unscathed after spectacular crash at Bahrain GP


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Romain Grosjean was born again in Bahrain. The Frenchman repositioned the hearts of all the inhabitants of the Formula 1 World Cup caravan, installed this weekend at the Sakhir circuit, where terror flew over the paddock for 28.8 seconds. That was how long it took for Grosjean to emerge from the burning mass of iron that his car became, literally split in two, just after crashing head-on into protective barriers. The outcome of this horrifying accident validates all the efforts that the International Automobile Federation (FIA) has been making in recent decades with the aim of avoiding misfortunes such as those that in the past turned too many Sundays black. One of the last devices introduced was the Halo, the safety arch that protects the drivers' heads. Reviewing the dynamics of the incident, no one will dare to doubt that those bars saved Grosjean's life. In fact, the images of the brutal impact reminded to a certain extent of the one that ended up costing Jules Bianchi's life, in Suzuka (2014) , and that was decisive for the development of the Halo.

The one from Haas, who at 34 is participating in his last season in the contest, started the penultimate. And like the rest of his rivals, he used the first meters of the race to try to wind through the peloton to regain some position. When facing the exit of the third corner, a section that the cars take at more than 180 kilometers per hour, the Frenchman looked for a gap through which to get between the prototype of Kevin Magnussen, his teammate, and the Alpha Tauri of Dannil Kvyat. In that maneuver, the right rear tire of his Haas ran over the left front of the Alpha Tauri, dislodging his car and heading straight for the barriers with no time to react. The blow was so violent that it split the car in two, separating the chassis and the front from the rear. Grosjean was momentarily trapped under the protections, but in less than half a minute he managed to escape the disaster to be immediately transferred to the medical center on the track. Pending more exhaustive examinations, the first diagnosis simply reflected minor burns to the hands and ankles, and the possible rupture of a rib. A tremendously low cost for what it could have been.

“I have never seen so much fire in 12 years that I have been driving the Medical Car,” agreed Alan van der Merwe, one of the first people to reach the point of the accident and who helped Grosjean. “Romain managed to get out on his own, which is incredible in itself. All the systems that have evolved worked as they should. The Halo, the barriers and the belts. Only if one of those elements had failed, it could have been very different, "added the former South African pilot. “It was a very tough moment, especially because of the flames. We all breathed when we saw him jump out of the car. When one of these things happens, there is no doubt that, indeed, we put our lives at stake, ”recalled Carlos Sainz , during the hour and a half that the test was neutralized so that the operators could repair the affected area.

As soon as the race started again, another incident occurred. Again the Russian Kvyat was involved. His Alpha Tauri played with Canadian Lance Stroll's Racing Point. Racing Point capsized. Stroll was able to get out of the car safely. He had to enter the security car and neutralized the test for a few minutes.

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