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The captain of the handball team, Carmen Martín, against Slovakia in Torrelavega last weekend.rfebm

Carmen Martín, the captain of the handball team, was delighted by confinement. He needed to stop after months dragging an injury to his left foot that left him without a World Cup. “I had the same problem for a long time, going to several doctors and it was difficult for us to solve it. For this reason, the pandemic was good for me to rest and recharge ”, he confesses. For Carlos Viver's team, however, runner-up in the world in 2019 in that unforeseen success of Kumamoto that was missing from Almeria, the health crisis exploded in his hands. There were days left to play the ticket to Tokyo and the coronavirus ended up locking the entire dressing room in their homes. Also on the far right, for your health relief. And, now, they have all been on the verge of being left without a European since Denmark could not guarantee the organization until ten days before . “I've been almost praying,” smiles the 32-year-old player. “You prepare the same because you have to be 100%, but there were many doubts. I would have understood it if it had been suspended. ”

The Spanish team, forcibly stopped in 2020, asks for the time again after the unforgettable silver of a year ago, such an unexpected success due to its dismal previous career and the loss of Carmen Martín as cruel for its outcome, with a final resolved in a very infrequent action (penalty in the absence of six seconds due to an infraction in the opposite area). “Personally, it was not frustrating to be left out of that championship. Frustrating were the months leading up to the injury, but seeing the girls go this far was a joy. I considered myself one of the group. They offered me to travel and continue my recovery there, although I would not have had the same possibilities, "he explains from his hotel room in Torrelavega, where the team played their only two games of the year last week, against Slovakia, who arrived by plane. military.

“Confinement was good for me to rest. I had been visiting doctors for a long time due to an injury "

"In the European [that begins this Thursday] we will be the same as always, the one that leaves everything and goes with the soul," says the captain of the Warriors, who refuses to comment on what would be a good result. The start will be difficult (Russia, Sweden and the Czech Republic in the first phase) and, inevitably, the world runner-up will put more eyes on them . “We don't create that kind of pressure. I always like to go undercover. My feet are on the ground and I understand where my limits are ”, he emphasizes. “In any case, it will be a tournament that will revolve around health. At any time, anyone can catch the virus and affect the computer. " Luckily for all the teams, a positive will not mean the elimination of a team and its previous rival, as Norway came to claim, co-owner of the European until his resignation two weeks ago.

The appointment appears at a time with perhaps more objectives appetizing on the near horizon. In three months he will play the Pre-Olympic (against Sweden, Argentina and Senegal), in eight he aspires to be in Tokyo and in one year it is the World Cup in Spain. "Much of our thinking is in qualifying for those long-awaited Games, but we cannot forget this European Championship, which is great for us to get sensations", Carmen Martín analyzes. And a great championship like this, however boxed in between higher aspirations, is the only opportunity for women's handball to claim its share of the screen. “I would like us to have more attention, to be interested a little more. It makes me sad, really ”, laments the best right winger of the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Europeans, and the 2011 World Cup. The level of the League does not help to attract more attention the rest of the year. 10 of the 16 selected play abroad, including her (now in the Romanian CSM Bucaresti), who left in 2012 after the collapse of the last great Spanish club, Itxako.

"Much of our thinking is in qualifying for those long-awaited Games, but we cannot forget this European"

The Almeria is one of the five changes in Carlos Viver's continuing list regarding the World Cup, and the best novelty. The worst is the fall of Shandy Barbosa, the team's top scorer a year ago at Kumamoto. In her place enters Carmen Campos, at the head of the scorers of the French League. And in the pivot Kaba Gassama and Lisa Tchaptchet are released by Eli Cesáreo (injured) and María Núñez. The goalkeeper Zarly Zobqi is also out. A veteran and youth project started in 2017 and the 2021 World Cup at home has always been set as the main objective. The results came ahead of schedule

“We veterans will have to give a hand to the young women who can be a bit lost. I like to give advice, although I'm not on top of it all the time ”, points out the captain, since 2005 in the national team and that, of the five medals of the Warriors, only the last one is missing. There will be time to delve into that intergenerational mix at Herning's hotel because the tournament will take place in bubble mode. “I think I'm ready for almost a month like this. I have not been so long with my team, but I have a forecast of how it can be ”, he concludes. He will not be lacking either with his Tourism and Business studies.

The 16 summoned

Porters : Silvia Navarro (Rocasa Gran Canaria), Mercedes Castellanos (Rincón Fertility Málaga) .

Central : Silvia Arderius (Rincón Fertility Málaga), Alicia Fernández (Ramnicu Valcea), Nerea Pena (Team Esbjerg) .

Right wingers: Almudena Rodríguez (Gloria Bistrita), Mireya González (Ramnicu Valcea) .

Left wingers : Lara González (Besançon), Carmen Campos (Dijon) .

Left wingers: Jénnifer Gutiérrez (Borussia Dortmund), Soledad López (Málaga Fertility Corner) .

Right wingers: Carmen Martín (CSM Bucuresti), Marta López (Ramnicu Valcea) .

Pivots : Ainhoa Hernández (Zubileta Evolution Zuazo), Lysa Tchaptchet (Elche), Kaba Gassama (Nantes Atlantique)


Russia (Thursday 3, 18:15), Sweden (Saturday 5, 20:30) and Czech Republic (Monday 7, 18:15). All by Teledeporte.

They go to the second phase (from 10 to 15) the first three and drag the points achieved against the teams that also surpass it. The next round is made up of two groups of six. The first two qualify for the semifinals (day 18). The final is 20. Spain would not move in the entire tournament in Herning (Denmark)

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