"I was depressed, without desire": this was the last days of Diego Maradona


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The most beloved man turned himself off. The last days of Diego Maradona were the consecration of a paradox, that of the idol venerated by millions of people who died saddened, in a house rented a few days ago, away from most of his relatives and surrounded by a few health employees who they cared for him to the end.

The death of the joy maker threatens to also become an endless counterpoint: the accusations between lawyers and doctors for a death that, according to some specialists, could have been avoided. His final hours also reveal a cross between the Argentine justice report and the versions that his close circle had allowed to transcend.

"He has just died in an unusual way, he was not cared for properly," denounced Alberto Cahe, the The doctor who cared for him for 20 years, until 2005, Maradona had such a complex health picture that, for the specialist, the idol should not have received a medical discharge after having been operated on for cerebral edema , on November 3. “He should have stayed in the clinic, not in a house that was not prepared, or have had a doctor permanently in the room. I don't know if it was a hospital or a place of recreation, ”added Cahe, referring to the gated community in which Maradona died this Wednesday , in Tigre, 30 kilometers north of Buenos Aires.

In turn, Maradona's lawyer, Diego Morla, who had been an intimate arrival in Diego in recent years and had a distant relationship with some of the idol's relatives, counterattacked with thick ammunition. “The ambulance took more than half an hour, which was criminal idiocy. It is inexplicable that for 12 hours my friend has not had attention or control from the health personnel dedicated to these ends, ”Morla said through a message with which he tried to point out the nurse in charge of supplying Maradona with medicines, and in this way, detach himself from the criticism that he received in recent months for leading the so-called “Maradona environment”. Morla was not invited by the relatives of the Diez to the funeral that this Thursday summoned hundreds of thousands of Argentines.

Maradona began to fade in recent days. "I was depressed, without desire," the sources agree. He had bouts of mental confusion. There were days in which the ex-footballer hardly left his room. He hardly ate. He didn't make jokes. He slept a good part of the day from the medication he received. He refused to receive visits from some relatives

After having been operated on, Maradona's advisers rented for four months a house in the private neighborhood of San Andrés, relatively close to where Claudia Villafañe, the mother of his first two daughters, live, and Giannina, one of them. The neighbors barely saw Maradona a couple of times in which Diego went out to drink mate in the internal patio.

The last person who saw him alive, according to the report by the prosecutor, was one of his nephews, Jony Espósito. It happened on Tuesday at 11:30 p.m., when Esposito fired him and went to sleep. According to the prosecution, Maradona died in his sleep and his close friends only found out mid-morning on Wednesday, when two of his advisers (a psychologist and a psychiatrist) went to wake him up.

The information does not match the version that his collaborators let out: that Maradona woke up on Wednesday but felt bad and went back to rest. According to this explanation, the cook of the house would have said that she heard the idol take some prescription drugs.

The idol of crowds died surrounded by strange faces. Only a nurse, a kinesiologist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a cook, and a nephew, Jony, were in the house at the time they verified that Maradona had no vital signs.

Both versions, the official one and that of his assistants , It coincides again when the psychologist and the psychiatrist detected, at 11:30 on Wednesday, that the legend did not present vital signs. In the absence of a 24-hour doctor by his side (there was a nurse), the men who spent the last night in the same house of the legend had to call a private neighborhood clinician to try to wake him up. Resuscitation maneuvers were started which were then followed by the doctors of the nine ambulances that arrived in the private neighborhood. The preliminary autopsy revealed that Maradona's exhausted body had acute lung edema, chronic heart failure, and a heart with dilated myocardia.

In one of his last visits, last Saturday, the doctor who operated on him at the beginning of the month, Leopoldo Luque, concluded that the best thing for Maradona's spirit would be for him to lead Gimnasia, his latest team. The collaborators contacted the leaders of the La Plata club to warn them that they would try to get the idol back to sit on the substitute bench in two weeks, in the match against Velez. It was like one last try. Without football, Maradona's life ended

Source: Elpais

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