Koeman: "Competition has increased"


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Braithwaite, at the time of scoring Ferencvaros. Laszlo Balogh / A

P Without Messi signing as many goals as usual and with Luis Suárez already forgotten, it has cost Barça horrors to express themselves in the rival area during this course. A deficiency that worried Koeman with the injury of Fati - the team's top scorer at the time -, to the point that he claimed in front of the micros that his tips should improve their aim. Without problems for Griezmann and Braithwaite, who add three matches in a row celebrating: Dynamo Kiev, Osasuna and Ferencvaros. PPG Griezmann defined a center from Alba and counts five goals, second after Messi (7). A necessary sprint in the Frenchman, questioned by his participation in the game although again sharpened in the auction, since from Atlético he did not chain three games with a goal. “It is always a matter of trust. He has worked his best to improve his game and for the team. He is very convinced of its quality and I hope it continues with this effectiveness ”, Koeman complimented him. Braithwaite , who has held four networks in this sequence of duels, reached four with Leganés before dressing as a Barça player. "I'm happy to have the opportunity to have minutes and show that I belong to the team," the player resolved in English at the end of the duel. His goal, which completed a center from Dembélé, came after a sequence of 33 passes - it was played by all but Neto - the best in this Champions League. "We're on the right track," reflected Koeman; “We have improved some aspects, especially without the ball and in scoring efficiency. Competition has also increased and that is good. But we can still improve many things, especially in defense ”.

“ We have all played a great game, ”Lenglet summed up. “We have done good football, especially in the first half, and quite a few goals like in this Champions League. Those who have minutes show that there is a lot of competition in the squad, ”Koeman proudly resolved, for whom in Europe things go as smoothly as possible while they get tangled up in La Liga. But against Ferencváros , Barça pressed boldly after the loss, did not pall at any time and was fierce in the attack and if he did not win a win it was because Dembélé missed his shots - although he did so on the penalty that he executed after Braithwaite gave him the ball-, also to Pjanic and especially to Trincão, the only one who has not just burned. "Everyone scores, others give assists ... Everyone pushes to achieve victories," said Lenglet. "We are taking the mechanisms that Koeman asks of us and this looks good," added Braithwaite. Although Lenglet corrected: “We have not changed anything. We continue in the same line and the results are already in our favor. We score and we don't fit in, which gives us confidence and keep it that way ”. And the Barça coach, always direct, resolved: "Against Dinamo we have had the effectiveness that we lacked on other occasions but that we have been given lately." So he was able to rotate at ease.

Riqui Puig played just under half an hour, the second game of the season in which he participates. He went out with Aleñá, European minutes for the youngsters under the surprising anecdote that Dembélé was the captain on the field -because he was the longest-serving footballer in the team, with Aleñá's permission- after collecting the bracelet from Lenglet. Great game, in any case, for the French winger, a real dagger from the left side, for once in a bond with Jordi Alba. "He is very fast, he uses both legs, he is effective and the most important thing is that physically he is very well and he is working very well," revealed Koeman , pleased by another curious statistic; Barça executed a penalty for the fifth match in a row in the Champions League, something that had never happened before in the competition

Round duel for Barça because it rotated in certain positions, won easily and it is worth it with drawing or not losing by more than two goals against Juve at the Camp Nou to step into the last 16 as group winners

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