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La Real complicated life in Anoeta on Thursday against a minor rival. Rijeka was already out of the Europa League, but played in the San Sebastian field as if it were the Champions League in the attempt. Now, Imanol's men will have to go to the boarding in San Paolo against Napoli, who already won in San Sebastián. The draw between the Italians and AZ Alkmaar (1-1) forces the Basque team to match the result of the Dutch on the last day. If they win, the Real will have to do it also to access the round of 32, so they will not be able to speculate against a Naples that needs to achieve at least a draw.

The Real Sociedad had its plan well underway against a Rijeka that is nothing of the another world. Not this. A team of the heap. But sometimes, the medium-sized rivals balk up and are intractable. The donostiarras were well placed, with an excellent attitude, and eager to quickly solve the process. Isak, boisterous, cheerful on the field like a rattle, had the first chance at 10 minutes, after a foul by Merino that the referee did not see, and that he would have gone to the limbo of errors, because in the Europa League there is no VAR.

RSO2-2RIJR. SocietyRemiro, Monreal, Zaldua (Gorosabel, min. 67), Robin Le Normand, Igor Zubeldia, Merino, Januzaj (Portu, min. 79), Oyarzabal (Roberto López, min. 79), David Silva (Willian José, min. 67 ), Martín Zubimendi and Isak (Jon Bautista, min. 57) RijekaIvan Nevistic, Luka Capan, Tomecak, Velkovski (João Escoval, min. 85), Daniel Štefulj, Nino Galovic, Tibor Halilovic, Stjepan Loncar, Muric (Domagoj Pavicic, min . 74), Luka Menalo (Armando Anastasio, min. 79) and Andrijasevic (Sterling Siloe Yateke, min. 85) Goals0-1 min. 36: Velkovski. 1-1 min. 68: Jon Bautista. 1-2 min. 72: Stjepan Loncar. 2-2 min. 78: Monreal. RefereeJoão PinheiroYellow cardsMerino (min. 22), Andrijasevic (min. 40) and Tibor Halilovic (min. 67)

Or is there? Because nine minutes later, Isak was the protagonist again. La Real threw a corner, the Swedish footballer entered the shot, but perhaps in homage to Maradona, he raised his arm and hit the ball. Joao Pinheiro, the Portuguese judge, saw something else and signaled a penalty. The quilombo was mounted.

The Rijeka players surrounded the referee, scandalized. The closest line assistant seemed to ratify his teammate's decision and Oyarzabal placed the ball eleven meters away while Simon Rozman, the Croatian coach, ate the fourth official's ear. Then the VAR of walking around the house appeared. Someone said something to the referee over the internal communication system. It had to be a tip. The referee approached the linesman, they spoke, and converted the penalty into a dropped ball. He didn't even point out Isak's fault. All very strange. Like the television monitor at the UEFA delegate's table, next to the benches.

Pinheiro's grotesque decision, which ended up getting it right when he was wrong, somehow unbalanced Real, which has not been so lucid since then in the face of the orderly defense of five players that Rijeka raised, almost inoperative in attack until it caused a corner in a lack of understanding between Remiro and Monreal. The launch was combed by Galovic and Velkoski clinched it to overtake the Croatian team by surprise.

Real had to row from that moment. The visitor behind was tightened, closing the roads and held firmly until the break. After the pause, Imanol called out, launched his men to the comeback. To all. The central Le Normand was the first to act, but his shot from outside the area was beaten by Nevistic, the Croatian goalkeeper who worked hard. Then it was Oyarzabal who tried a slalom that a defender took from the line

Jon Bautista came out, the striker who unblocked the first leg, and in one of his first actions he received from Gorosabel from the right, he got away from his marker giving turned around and shot the tie. Real then turned to victory, but again in a corner their woes returned. It was Rijeka's first arrival in the second half. He forced two shots, and on the second, Loncar caught a loose ball at the penalty spot to beat Remiro.

Once again, Real had to row, each time with less time and a rival locked in his area. Monreal managed to open the can again, but it was too late, and the draw forces the Donostiarras to entrust themselves to San Paolo.

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