Maradona's 5 best and 5 worst moments


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The 5 best moments in Maradona's career 1: 14

(CNN Spanish) - Diego Armando Maradona died and left a historical legacy in football and an indelible memory in his followers. The legacy will be immortalized in his dribbles, goals and titles in clubs and with the Argentine national team.

His time at Napoli, the goal against Greece in 94, the World Cup in 86 ... Juan Pablo Varsky remembers the 5 best moments in his career del 10 (see above) .

Although Maradona's football career was full of triumphs and events that were immortalized in the history of the sport, the Argentine star also went through several dark stages. The injury in Barcelona, the expulsion in '82, the doping ... Varsky compiles the 5 worst moments of Diego on the pitch.

5 painful moments in Diego Maradona's career 1: 24

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