Riqui the Pooh


By CAPosts 14 January, 2021 - 03:36am 58 views

Riqui Puig celebrates the achievement of the goal that gave FC Barcelona a pass to the Super Cup final. Juan Jose Ubeda / GTRES

Riqui Puig has something that fuels the controversy, a bit like Luke Skywalker from the first installment of Star Wars. Real Madrid is the Empire, it always has been, and to fight against the Empire (it all comes down to this, let's not be fooled either) the competition of the strongest is needed: that is why these boys from the quarry with stuffed torso, pretty face and ankles from Sargadelos. That the little footballer from Matadepera carries the blood plagued by midichlorians –ADN Barça, in fut ...

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