Sunset interrupts Jon Rahm's heyday


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Honk at the Masters. It is five thirty in the afternoon in Augusta and the sound signal resounds in the field that warns of the end of the day. The sun disappears behind the trees. In the absence of light, the players have to take their last blows before going home and continue this Saturday with the task where it left off. For Jon Rahm it is not just any blow. He is on the 13th hole and has a short putt to add his sixth birdie of the day, climb to -9 in the classification and share the lead with Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Abraham Ancer and Cameron Smith, who have closed their round and they already rest. Once the horn sounds, Rahm has the choice: to finish the hole or to resume it very early the next day. Anxiety cannot. Mark the ball and his first hit this Saturday will be to be co-leader of the Augusta Masters. Ahead, another five holes and the third round.

The evening of November interrupted a tremendous class by Rahm. Calm, confident, with hardly a glitch. In the 2 he made the required birdie (among the players of this course he is the one with the best historical records in that hole), he nailed the putt in the 4, he complied by cutting another shot in par five of the 8 and closed the first nine holes with another birdie to drop four in the day. The second stage began with a little hurry, a second impact that did not catch the green, but that turned into another spark of magic with his hands to return close to the flag. Birdie in the heart of Amen Corner, par three on 12, and that birdie he had hit on 13 when the light went out. The best Rahm in a Masters.

Beside the Basque, Bryson DeChambeau sank with the whole team . The gunboat continued his business. The most savage punches - he sent the ball on the 2 at 380 yards, 348 meters out - were followed by consequences. On the 3rd he sent the projectile into the unknown. The ball ended up lost. There was no way to find her. Augusta ate it. It may have been revenge against the one who had dared to challenge the field with his bullets. Bryson returned to the starting box and the torture ended with a triple bogey. Power out of control again. The skid unsettled DeChambeau and he could no longer get up. He sank even more with bogeys on 4 and 5, and with each hole his face was dislodged more and more. From favorite to position 61 with +1. He will have to row in the holes that remain to be played to make a cut that saves the top 50 in the standings. Tiger was on par on the day (-4) after 10 holes

The Masters has turned into a marathon. A physical and psychological roller coaster. Thursday's three-hour deluge sent all plans to the trash can. The liters of water not only left a wetter field that with the hours has been drying and becoming more damned, but they have forced a tetris to make up for lost time. Yesterday the first day ended and the second began, which could not be completed, and today that second round has to be finished and if it is possible to close the third, so that by Sunday the end of the film remains at least as It planned. There are not many more solutions either because television rules. CBS has a football session in the afternoon. Someone must put on a green jacket in the morning.

Two tournaments in one

In that runner that squeezes both the body and the mind, there were two Masters in one. Some golfers had to work overtime to finish what was left to them on Thursday, rest for just half an hour and go back to hitting 18 holes ahead. They were for example Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka and Rory McIlroy, Others, on the other hand, were bored in the waiting room. Tiger, Rahm, and DeChambeau were like kids in school class waiting to be let out to play in the yard.

And what a patio. Augusta was as pretty as she can look in November (it will never be like April). The greens were more unruly, the ball no longer sat tame as if it were lead and the falls betrayed any calculation. So the streaks came and went. As soon as Dustin Johnson seemed unstoppable leaving the Amen Corner triangle in a cartoon, with birdies at 11, 12 and 13 kicking like silk, as he came out scalded with two bogeys in the next two holes. Inspiration came and went just as quickly. Justin Thomas knows this, who chained four birdies between 15 and 18 to lead to a double bogey in 1 that was like a punch to the stomach. Despite the comings and goings, Johnson and Thomas, the American couple, submitted resumes to go to the tailor on Sunday.

The roads in Augusta are round trips. Koepka and McIlroy seemed hopeless at the beginning of the day and yet they were resurrected when they were closer to packing their bags than remaining among the chosen ones. The American is in all the ointment with -5, and the Northern Irish is alive with -3. There is one world left in Augusta.

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